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Constipation Remedy


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Nice article, Karen! Never heard of liquid paraffin before, have you?

carleah said:
I was told the recipe of equal parts cooked prune or prune juice, apple sauce and unprocessed bran. Give a couple of tablespoons and voila!

It has been years since I have given this. Yes it worked but we didn't call it power pudding we called it bowel paste. Doesn't that name sound repulsive! I do remember the pt liking it.

Havin' A Party!, ASN, RN

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Bird2 said:
... Yes it worked... bowel paste...

Is this delicacy served cold or warmed?

CoffeeRTC, BSN, RN

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We at Weight Watchers call thes Colon Blow Muffins

1 box spice cake mix

15 oz can of pumpkin

3 cups Fiber One

2 cups water

1/4 cups rasins

Mix and pour into muffin pan Bake like a cup cake

Of course these are more for prevention, but boy are they high in fiber!

txspadequeenRN, BSN, RN

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My oral remedy is

30cc MOM

30cc Lactulose

mixed with 4 oz of warm prune juice

Now if that dont work get

1/2 c dark molassis

1/2 c milk

mix together and give as enema.... Constipation does not stand a chance..


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aimeee said:
Nice article, Karen! Never heard of liquid paraffin before, have you?

Nope, nor the vaseline balls but suspect work the same way. Things they don't teach you in nursing school: another addition to our bag of tricks!

Prune juice, MOM, apple juice, citrate of mag heat it up and let it blow!!!


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This post was waaay before my start here, but just LOVE it.

We called it 'POOP JUICE".

Prune juice, appplesace and bran. Dietary would send up a big canister, premixed. Every nite on NOCs, I would set up a lunchroom tray full of 30 cc plastic med cups that I dipped out the 'poop juice' into. Day nurses would get the tray out of the med room refrig and quick start rounds with breakfast meals.

On the rare occasion I would have to make my own blend for them.

The stuff worked!

Never had a problem with constipation for our residents there.

No sentinel event for us!

VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

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I called my version the Hot Slider. Six ounces of prune juice mixed with 30 ml of MOM and two pats butter, stir and zap in the microwave for 45 seconds. Stir it again and give it to the patient. Works like a charm.


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Just LOOOOOOVE these remedies.

Now how to stop the monster we released! Maybe for another post.

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