Conspiracy theorists more likely to get Covid

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People who believe in COVID-19 conspiracy theories are more likely to catch the virus, lose their jobs, and be socially isolated, according to a new study published in Psychological Medicine, a peer-reviewed medical journal by Cambridge University Press.

The study, conducted by researchers in the Netherlands, found that those who believe in COVID-19 conspiracies are less likely to be tested for COVID-19. But they're more likely to get infected and test positive.

Conspiracy beliefs predict how well people cope with the challenges of a global pandemic and therefore ...

Read in entirety: People Who Believe in COVID-19 Conspiracies More Likely to Catch Virus: Study - Medscape - Nov 02, 2021.

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That crazy karma. 



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It's nice to have some proof that if you stand outside in a rainstorm without a raincoat or umbrella you are likely to get wet.  



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Interesting that somebody went through the trouble of studying this.  What other possible outcome could there be?  These folks are, by definition, delusional.  Probably diagnosable as delusional disorder.

I suspect that mental illness is among many non-physiologic risk factors, including education and political affiliation.


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Well it bears out in my family. The conspiracy theorists/non-vaccinators are all getting sick, one by one.

The ones who have received shots, including my relatively elderly and vulnerable parents, are being spared, thus far.

STILL they (the anti-vaccinators) don't believe it's a big deal.