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Kitiger, RN

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Does the H2O2 leak out of the paper bag enough to cause irritation? Do you get it running and then leave the room?

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hppygr8ful, ASN, RN, EMT-I

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I haven't had any problens with leaking vapor. There will be some condensation on the bag so I wear a nitrile glove to take the mask out and hang it in a well ventilated area


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As an OR nurse, I can tell you that not all surgical masks are the same. I've had similar breathing issues recently and find the cheap blue ear-looped masks are the worst. There must be some chemical in the fibers too that we are reacting to.

Our facility tried to change from one supplier to another cheaper supplier a few years ago and many nurses had allergic reactions and a few even had to go to the ER.

Try a new brand of surgical mask if you can find one. I really like the HALYARD masks. I have purchased several pairs of the KN95s, which I find to be fairly comfortable, and then put a surgical mask over that. We are all doing the best we can. Stay safe!


J.Adderton, BSN, MSN

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Yes, after wearing mask for few hours- hacking cough, wheezing and sneezing. Eventually, I ditch mask for a new one. I have own since we are given one mask to last forever.

My mom is allergic to surgical masks. Her face gets red, irritated, and swollen for days after she wears one even for a short period of time. Funny thing is we couldn’t figure out what was causing the reaction but a pharmacist pointed it out that many people are having outbreaks because of them.

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I thought I was the only one having these issues! What an absolute shame. I am allowed to wear a cloth mask underneath surgical, but my skin is so sensitive.


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Have you confirmed what fibers you are allergic to? I think I’m experiencing the same thing but I’m not sure. Please let me know if you find out!

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