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When you place your customers' confidential documents all over the table, people see it and who's to be blame? You or others?

I don't know about others but when my screen is on the show and others see it. I'm the one to be blamed. And, I have this person yelling at me because I was telling him that his confidential documents from his customers are on the table. He said, "You shouldn't look at the documents here, it's confidential."

I'm sorry but he put it all over the place on the table. I didn't try to look at it. Because it's right in front of my eyes, so I see it.

I think I need to tell him tomorrow about those things.

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exactly what i was thinking.


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Er, I think some clarification is in order for this post. OP, did you perhaps write this when you were tired?

Pepper The Cat, BSN, RN

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OP - customers? do you mean patients/clients? And what table? In a conferance room, in a hospital cafeteria? In a restaurant?

Please clarify.


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i think you must have been either very upset or very tired when you wrote this.

please take a nap, a deep breath, and try again.


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I'm sorry, but I really haven't a clue as to what you're trying to convey.... sometimes what's in your brain (including the scenario) isn't explained in these posts.... so you are the only one who knows what you're talking about. Please 'splain.

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each person is responsible for what they do and say. So the person who leaves confidential material in a PUBLIC place is wrong, as is the person who READS it, knowing they should not.