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Thank you so much for the reply! That's a relief, I hope I see you in class in Spring 2018! Also, your stats look phenomenal, I'm confident you'll get in!

Here's to being nursing classmates!


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My application has been submitted as well. I did well on the PSB scoring 90% or above on everything except the VAI but was well above the 40%. I also took the HESI and scored an overall 95 on it. My co reqs GPA is a 3.8 but my science GPA is not a 4.0 but I am happy with that after completing all my classes while working full time and running a household these last 2 years. This semester I am just fulfilling the last few classes I need to meet the pre reqs for the BSN program, gotta love taking History and Government classes.

Collin is the second school I applied to, I also applied at Grayson. I have already done my fingerprints and received my blue card. I am waiting anxiously to see who I get offers from, staying positive that at least one wants me.

@onecoolwife Your stats look awesome! You will most definitely make it into Collins program.


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Does anyone know how many slots will be available?

Cathleen mentioned during one of the info sessions that slots are determined based on faculty availibility.

I am hoping that Spring 2018 has full faculty availibility so that more of us have a chance of making it in

Did anyone else have transcripts emailed to the retention recruiter rather than turning in paper ones? I had my Collin transcripts emailed to her and when I turned in my application I included a confirmation from Credential Solutions acknowledging the order. I also included a confirmation in which the recipient opened the PDF. The reason I had them emailed is because I took micro in the summer and i feared not getting my transcripts on time. I had re-ordered transcripts three times from a school in CA and only received one copy 4 weeks later


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Application In! Exciting! I applied for both the traditional and paramedic-RN track did anyone else apply for paramedic-RN track. Has anyone heard much about the Bridge other than during the information session.


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A week has passed since the application deadline! How many of y'all have chewed off all your fingernails and are looking for something else to chew on?!? LOL All kidding aside, I am anxiously wishing that it was the end of October already! Good luck to all of you that applied and hopefully we will all be classmates in January!!

Alikat Momma

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Just got my bloodwork done for the titer testing. Hooboy - that was expensive! Fingers crossed it's worth it. Can't wait to hear back from Collin to see if we made it.


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Just got my bloodwork done for the titer testing. Hooboy - that was expensive! Fingers crossed it's worth it. Can't wait to hear back from Collin to see if we made it.

Do you have insurance? I'm not going to be able to get on an insurance plan again until Jan and was wondering how much it cost lol. I know I need to get it done but don't know that I'll be able to afford it out of pocket. Thanks in advance for any information!

Alikat Momma

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I do have insurance but I don't think they will cover it since it is not medically required. I went to my doctor and got orders for QuestLab. With no insurance, the titers would have cost me over $900 there!! No way!! I found an online testing company that charged me just over $200 for all the testing. They email you an order that you can bring to any LabCorp. Make sure to enter in Nurse2016 at checkout to get some savings. Here is the link - Order any Lab Titers, Wellness Labs, STD test and more online. –

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