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I am hoping to be part of the Collin College Spring 2018 Nursing Class and I want to start a new thread where other potential students can communicate with one another. I am taking Micro this summer and plan on submitting my nursing application by the August deadline. I will be taking my PSB exam at the end of July.

Collin no longer gives potential students access to the point system used to rank students. Does anyone know what a competitive PSB score is?

I have a 3.75 for my co-requisites and I am hoping to maintain my 4.0 in my pre-requisites. Can anyone offer any insight on PSB scores?

Thanks in advance!


When I last spoke with Kathleen she said they would call us directly to make an offer.

Hi All! Congrats to those who got in the nursing program. I'm curious if anyone that was waitlisted has been notified yet?

Thank you!

I have a friend who was waitlisted, and she has already been offered a spot. I think they are starting to run down the list as spots open up. Good luck! I hope to see y'all in the spring!!!!

Me too! Do you happen to know when she was notified?

Me too! Do you happen to know when she was notified?

On Wednesday!

Hello All,

I want to go to Collin College to get into the nursing program, what are the support classes I should take? and also what are some jobs I could get to help prepare me for my nursing career? Thank you.

You need:




* these are the prerequisites for the program

Does anyone know if the official transcripts that we submit with our application have to be sealed in envelopes or if they can be copies of official transcripts? Thanks!


I just got accepted into Collin's program for the Fall! I was wondering if anyone can give me some tips/what to expect. Also, I have read online that it is not smart to purchase all the textbooks because you don't use all of them. Could anyone give me some insight on this? Thank you so much!

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