Collin College ADN SPRING 2018


I am hoping to be part of the Collin College Spring 2018 Nursing Class and I want to start a new thread where other potential students can communicate with one another. I am taking Micro this summer and plan on submitting my nursing application by the August deadline. I will be taking my PSB exam at the end of July.

Collin no longer gives potential students access to the point system used to rank students. Does anyone know what a competitive PSB score is?

I have a 3.75 for my co-requisites and I am hoping to maintain my 4.0 in my pre-requisites. Can anyone offer any insight on PSB scores?

Thanks in advance!



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hey, which campus are you taking micro at? Ill be taking it this summer as well! btw one of the old threads has a link to the point system, but I'm not sure how helpful it would be.

hi! I am taking micro at Central Park this summer. Tues and Thurs with professor Robles.

I attended an information session about a week ago, and it appears that the old point system is an antiquated but the session proctor didn't offer much insight as to how points are earned


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Awesome! I'll be in that class too haha


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There is no more point system. They rank you based on your science gpa + cumulative support classes gpa + your psb results. I went to an information session a few weeks ago and the lady said to be competitive with the psb you need at least 40% across all the sections.

Good luck to everyone who is applying for Spring 2018!!!!! I applied to Fall, but I am doubtful I will get in. I am taking the psb in July as well :)

Thank you for the insight. The ultimate goal is to maintain a high GPA an score high on PSB.

@jjl25 please let us know if you make it into Fall 2017. If you do make it into the upcoming Fall class, would you be so kind as to share your stats with us. Science GPA, Support classes GPA, and PSB % across all categories. Thanks in advance!


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Hello! I'm also taking my PSB in late July to apply by the August deadline for Spring 2018. I went to the info session last semester and as far as PSB scores go, I know your reading comprehension is really important. Vocational adjustment index is also important but not really something you can study for, it's more like common sense and your opinion on if something is (morally) right or wrong. If you would like to study for the test, the PSB RN exam study book by Mometrix is the one recommended by the nursing department. Hope this helps! =)

Thank you for the info. you have provided. It is very much appreciated!


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Hi everyone!! I am from out of county and went to a DCCCD. Does anyone know if they're holding anymore information sessions? I just became interested in Collin and didn't even know they had a nursing program. I am taking AP 1&2 this summer and micro in the fall and have all of my support courses done. I'm super excited to apply!!!


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I applied for the Fall 2017 intake. Waiting anxiously for the results!

On the PSB Exam, I used a book by Kaplan and i felt like that helped me more than the Mometrix book did. On all of the sections, try to answer EVERYTHING! I would suggest that you answer the ones you know for sure then go back and guess for everything else. For math, don't waste time trying to calculate by hand. Again answer everything you know then go back and guess on everything else. They do not count points off for the ones you get wrong. The PSB test was tougher than i thought it would be! I made 90s on almost everything except for math and i love math! I tried to calculate by hand using scrap paper and there wasn't enough time to finish most of it. Still made above 40s for math section.