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  1. Onecoolwife

    New Older Grad Nurse Not Fitting In?

    Need some guidance, I am a new nurse as of Dec. I am also an older nurse at 41, been on my own a month now. Apparently I am having a hard time being accepted by my peers, since coming out of orientation. I was told I isolate, think I am better than others and have built no rapport and half the staff has requested not to work with me. I am still learning, getting the charting down, and a lot of times I don't have time to think about anything other than patient care/vitals. No tech at night, acute care setting, only 2 nurses most nights lately with 6-8 patients. I was told I am a great nurse, on top of things and provide great patient care. After being emotional (this was a big blow, caught me off guard) and losing sleep, I feel singled out and almost bullied by the other established nurses for not fitting a mold, when I can see the younger new nurses fitting right in. I do have a black/white personality, I don't lack confidence in myself as an individual, although I still lack confidence in nursing decisions and skills as a new nurse. I won't hesitate to ask for help or advice if I need it. My background is mostly IT, this is my second career. I have been married for 23 years with a high school junior and a first grader, so an established home life aka no partying, drinking or night life. I did work as a PCT PRN for almost a year while in RN school to get comfortable with the hospital, and patient care but had minimal interaction with the nurses since I stayed so busy on the unit I was on. I did not hire on at that facility as an RN bc they were not hiring new graduates at that time. Do I hold out, hope it changes or start looking around for a new opportunity. I love my boss, the faculty and the learning opportunities I have but not sure my peers will ever accept me, for who I am.
  2. Onecoolwife

    Collin College ADN SPRING 2018

    Well I did not get in and neither did the 4 friends who applied with me and like some of you one of them had a 4.0 with no repeats. But the good news is I did waitlisted somewhere else and after speaking with the recruiter on that pretty sure I will get it. She said the last few years everyone on the waitlist had been accepted. They have a very short list and all my docs are all lined up.
  3. Onecoolwife

    Collin College ADN SPRING 2018

    I have already had all mine done, reason being if Hep B comes back negative it is a long 6 month series and has to be completed before clinical participation. I am glad I did bc my Hep b was low and I am 1 shot away from being done now.
  4. Onecoolwife

    Collin College ADN SPRING 2018

    I can tell you that last year letters were received before 10/10/16 by a few of my friends. The waiting is driving me crazy and I may be guilty of scanning through my text messages from last year and seeing where I sent Congrats. So the time is near!
  5. Onecoolwife

    Collin College ADN SPRING 2018

    At least notification comes by mail for Collin, my other choice sends emails and I have been glued to my cell phone stalking my inbox. With mail I can check once a day and be done.
  6. Onecoolwife

    Collin College ADN SPRING 2018

    My insurance did not cover titers, so I had to pay out of pocket. It was just over $200 for all of them and then another $65 per heb shot (times 3 again not covered by ins) and will be another $49 for just heb b titers again (required after shot series). I started mine in May and still have 1 more shot to go. Anylab in Mckinney off 380 will do the titers they are more expensive than a drs office but still reasonable compared to going to a direct lab like Quest. You can also break it down and do 1 at a time as you have funds just means more blood draws. I went there for my TB test since they were super close to the college. I will use them for my titers redo for Heb B since I dont want to drive an hour to my reg dr office. I do know last fall a friend of mine knew by the official withdrawal drop date for the semester that she was accepted, she dropped all her classes before deadline. (Oct 10 I believe for us). I am hoping we know about the same time.
  7. Onecoolwife

    Collin College ADN SPRING 2018

    My application has been submitted as well. I did well on the PSB scoring 90% or above on everything except the VAI but was well above the 40%. I also took the HESI and scored an overall 95 on it. My co reqs GPA is a 3.8 but my science GPA is not a 4.0 but I am happy with that after completing all my classes while working full time and running a household these last 2 years. This semester I am just fulfilling the last few classes I need to meet the pre reqs for the BSN program, gotta love taking History and Government classes. Collin is the second school I applied to, I also applied at Grayson. I have already done my fingerprints and received my blue card. I am waiting anxiously to see who I get offers from, staying positive that at least one wants me.
  8. Onecoolwife

    Collin College Summer ADN 2017/Fall 2017

    Hey guys, I am new to posting although have been reading a while. I will be applying for Fall 2017, will be scheduling my PSB on the 1st (payday). Does anyone have a copy of how they figure the new point system? I have looked everywhere and can only locate the other ones. Good Luck to everyone!

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