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Hi all, just wondering if I could draw on all of your experiance once again. I have a pt on oxygen therapy: 40% cold pot, 3L. I have looked through all of my books and now thought I would pick your brains for what COLD POT means. I am thinking it must be not warmed air (just a guess, could be completely wrong) and if it is indeed cold, why?

thank you soooooo much, once again.



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Where did you get the information? O2 @ 3L should be delivered by nasal cannula. Humidified or un.


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Erin, I have never heard of that and I have been in nursing for 25 years. I am interested to find this out also.

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Never heard the term. I agree, 02 at 3 lpm should be delivered by NP. COLD could stand for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease, but the POT part has me scratching my head. Anyone else? Any RT's out there?


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The 40% is throwing me off also. COLD potential? Hmmm.


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Where was this written out? I keep thinking it's misspelling of PO2 or something like that. CO2?


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yeah, thats what I need to know. If she is copying it from the MD's order........well.... goodness knows what she is interpreting from that.


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i don't know if this helps but here is the info on the Kardex:

the DX-steriod induced myopathy, tracheostomy, HTN, Left BBB, cholecystectomy, herpes zoster R shoulder, R hemicolectomy for cecal ca, pneumonia

she did have mask on for o2 because of the trach, and she also had NG tube.

no Hx of COLD. the only thing it said about o2 was, 40% cold pot with mask. The night before i was told she was on 5L but now on 3L.

I appreciate your quick responces, hope this helps. thanks erin

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Best advice - contact MO again request clarification- We USED to deliver O2 through cold water humidifiers "Bubblers" but gave up teh practice some years back when it was proved that 1) they did diddlysqat to humidify the oxygen and 2) they grew psuedomonas! but it could be the "cold pot" in the order. Let us know what it turned out to be!


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I will do that, and let you all know. thanks for the replys


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So the patient is on a trach collar at 40%? I agree it must have to do with humidity.

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I wonder if the "cold pot" has to do with possibly the doc not wanting heated moisture on the trach. With our new trach's we use a heater on the water for moisture when the patient has the trach collar on, could it be referring to the doc NOT wanting the O2 warmed?

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