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I know where I work about 1/2 of us are Very friendly. Always showing new tatoos, undies, piercings. Always making fun of each other and playing jokes on each other. Sometimes the stunts almost get out of control. But its fun.

The other 1/2 of the staff, well who cares what they think. Its also strange that at least with us it seems that the fun bunch are the ones you can really count on when it gets really ugly.

I know just last week I made a flyer and put it in the break room asking another nurse to marry me. She posted a response flyer on the bulletin board in the dining facility that said yes.

My wife when seeing it (she works in the same hospital) posted a flyer saying "NO". But that wedding presents will be accepted. :D

Do the rest of ya'll have this type of relationship with your co-workers?



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Not even gonna TOUCH this one. I've been the object of some hurtful jokes in the past. Undies MAY be the exception if they're colorful enough.


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I have great co-workers. We laugh play jokes on each other and all generally get along well.

We recently had a nurse turn 40. Everywhere she looked in the ER there was either a picture of her or the number 40. In the charts, in the waste cans, in the cupboards and drawers, everywhere. We will still finding them for days after. The patients even seemed to enjoy the fun.

The best part about the folks I work with is, if someone gets sick or is having a personal problem, everyone pitches in to work to help cover. They've done it for me and many others and I have done it as well. That's the main reason I stay there. The pays not the best but there's nothing like enjoying the people you work with!!:D


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most of my coworkers are great to work with!! we've got our exceptional i'm always right and you're wrong nurse, or really anal, not fun nurse, or very unhappy nurse, but most of us get along. i agree w/ dave, in the thought that the ppl who joke around a lot are ALWAYS there when you need them. the others, they can just stay out of my way for all i care!:)


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It is hard for me being an agency gal, and no place to really call home, but when I find a place that can tolerate my sarcastic and silly sense of humor, I stick around. Nothing worse than a place full of people that are sticks in the mud. I usually send out a few subtle remarks or whatever to get a feel for a place before I begin my usual stange behaviors.

Ya gotta laugh so ya don't cry!


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Our night shift crew has been accused on occasion of being a "Click". That really is the furtherest thing from the truth, anyone is welcome to join, you just have to be able to work as hard as we do and to play as hard as we do. We depend on each other and cover each others backs. Most of us have been at this for quite a long while so we have a decidedly dark side to our humor. It's an ER humor...most other departments in our hospital don't quite understand the dark side of the ER.


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The crew I work with is wonderful too. We joke around a lot, those who dare do some panty flashing, we are always bringing snacks for everyone or little 'hey I saw this and thought of you' gifts. It is really great, and what makes it better is that we--most--work great together. :)

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some of us have worked together since before husbands, children (often college age kids), and we know each other VERY well. One nurse can always tell you when someones birthday is, how old her kids are, etc. We help each other, laugh and cry with each other, and support each other in amazing ways.

When you leave the unit for ANY reason, you have to have some one else be aware of your patients, answer alarms, etc.; this means that we even know when each of us needs to go to the bathroom!!:eek:

It is really a sort of family, and in times of personal trouble, it can be an incredible source of support.

Night shift parties more than day shift, but we both have some AWESOME potlucks, esp. for the holidays.


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Misti. What's this panty flashing thing? I'm intrigued. Perhaps I can introduce this concept to the ladies on my unit.


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Work really sucks sometimes, for every reason you can see here on this BB.

But I wanted to start something that would maybe make someone smile at some of the wonderful people who share in our misery and make it better. Plus some of those people I work with truly are that much fun.

Did it work? It did for me.



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yes Dave it did!

See my thread in the "white underwear post"!

You inspired me to do something silly, and staff and patients enjoyed the benifits!

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I really enjoy all of my co workers! Most of us have known each other for 25 or more years. We are pretty close knit,like a family.

We all work well together,as a team we accomplish a lot. We have our moments,but always work it out. I guess I am really fortunate to work with such a great group!

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