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my co-worker set me up


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She may have or she may not. But how do you figure,that you're the one requesting a change but you let her do the running around, asking and confirming. What were YOU doing?

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In my institution, all switched shifts are required to have both party's signatures on a request detailing the specifics for the switch, submitted to the office no later than 24 hours before the start of that shift, with an authorizing signature by supervision, before it is to be considered valid. No amount of "he said, she said" is even entertained. If you don't have the piece of paper with three names on it, it ain't happening.

That's usually how we do it where I work.

More than likely your coworker DIDN'T set you up--it sounds like she forgot to say anything to the DON, she only mentioned her change to the DON and forgot to say you were covering for her, or she did let someone know but the message didn't get to the DON. I would hope your coworker wasn't so vicious as to intentionally do something like this a peer...that's sad if that's the case.

But honestly, whether you were the one asking for the change or you are the one who agrees to cover for another person, it was your responsibility to let management know if you make changes to your schedule (a.k.a. CYA). You should not have expected your coworker to arrange it all on her own...if anything, you should have been the one calling the DON and squaring the change away and not her, since your coworker was doing you a favor by agreeing to cover for you.

I agree with the others: accept your share of the responsibility for this snafu and learn from it.

Good luck.

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i'm upset right now becuase my co-worker set me up. i called her today and asked her if she can work for me today. we have to get approval from either don or staff scheduler to approve schedule change. she said she will call me back if its been approved or not. few minutes later she called me back and said she talk to don and she said she approved it. so me being so stupid i trusted her and thinking i didnt have to work today. i come back home and don left message on my answering machine that i didnt show up to work???? :flmngmd::flmngmd::flmngmd::flmngmd: i'm really ****** off right now because this evil person set me up.:devil::devil: if i talk to don about this she's going to deny everything. any advice?

i don't see how people can say there was a misunderstanding? your coworker told you she spoke to the don. either the don forgot or your coworker lied to you. i'd tell the don what happened so your coworker doesn't pull that again with someone else. i'd talk to your don and ask your coworker for an explanation.

What a horrible,unhappy and envious your coworker seems to be..wow...I'm speechless...i didnt imagine this could happend but I guess it is true when they say "you cant trust no one in the healthcare field? I wonder what this lame exuse for a coworker had in her mind when she did you so wrong...does she wants your job? You make more than her? Is jealous of you or simply is just an evil person...I have been in situations before whereas I asked my coworkers to work for me at a particular day and they were usually the ones who notified our boss about such request but not for a minute I would thought that could lie and try to get me in trouble..In all honesty I would definitely let your boss know about the actions of your coworker,your boss must know what your coworker is capable of in case she'l try to cause some more troubles in future..you just never know what some people will do to make your life misearble,let your boss know ASAP so she can have her radar set on this evil biatch

Sorry that this has happend to you... It isn't nice at all. So what does the co-worker have to say about it? Just use this as a learning experience. Next time

(if there is a next time), handle it yourself. And remember, what goes around comes around.... Take care.... take a deep breath... It will be okay......

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Was the controversial statement a little blunt? Yes, but I agree with it somewhat..are all coworkers out to get you? Of course not..but all it takes is one, KWIM? And then there are those that mean well but are just plain flaky..:rolleyes:

OP, take this as a lesson learned that you always have to CYA..next time, call the DON yourself and verify that this switch happened.(also never hurts to get it in writing) Might take a little longer, but you'll be covered. Never assume that someone has your back..unfortunately, it just doesn't work out like that. Along the way maybe you'll find a few you can count on but until that happens, you have to look out for yourself and protect yourself.

Good luck.

Unfortunatley there isn't much you can do, this co worker got you good, All you can do now is learn from the experience and tell your DON what has happened and make sure it does not happen again. There may be a legitimate explaination behind it all, they may have assumed it would be fine and told you so and then forgotten to contact the DON to make sure, they may have contacted another person instead who okayed it all and forgot about it, that is the problem when you don't do something yourself, you just don't know what actually happened for this to result in the first place. Next time I would contact the DON yourself first and make sure that you are allowed to swap shifts with someone, then contact some co workers until you find one that will swap with you or just take that shift for you full stop.