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  1. ntgale08

    AWOL for giving verbal resignation only. What to do?

    i found out today that they hired somebody for the schedule i requested.... this means that i won't have opportunity to be re-hired by same facility .... however, i have no regrets because i learned from what i did (thanks to everyone who gave good advise) .... and besides, i got a new job - in a better facility, friendlier and supportive colleagues and management.... best of all, i'll be handling no more than 32 interesting residents.... it is not a perfect place but its a lot better environment for me.... i won't be ashamed to God when i reconcile myself before i sleep because i will spend time serving His people again.... goodbye coach and ncis, svu, csi ... good bye mall........
  2. ntgale08

    took pn boards....

  3. ntgale08

    Saunders comprehensive review question

    two of my classmates only used saunders cd for review in 2 months.... one of them made it and the other didn't. as for me, i used saunders for more than 3 months, day and night..... i chewed the rationales very well before swallowing and digesting them.... to be sure, i thought i had to use another review material to test myself coz nclex questions, i heard, did not come from just one author.... style of questions would be different... i chose exam cram..... i passed. caliotter3 is right, it varies.
  4. i felt the same way before i took the nclex.... in fact, i have changed my exam date more than 5 times.... my friend always tells me, you'll never know when you will be ready .... so when i got 90% in exam cram, i went for it ..... computer shut down at 85 and i passed the board. but few days before my test, i was so so nervous, i could feel my heartbeating very fast and strong... my knees became weak.... on the day before the test, i just snapped! i accepted my fate, pass or fail..... i said to myself, "i did my best, and if i don't make it, i just have to try again......" praying helped me a lot ..... good luck!
  5. ntgale08

    nclex-pn review

    i was so scared to fail the nclex that i studied from morning to night for at least 3 months... when my computer shut down at 85, i knew i passed.... but actually, when i was taking the test, i found the questions very hard--- many questions i have not encountered in my review ..... i just had to do my best and used the strategies in the process of elimination... i believe that prayers helped me a lot..... i tried my best to attend mass in the morning before i head the library so that my head will be cleared from worries (am a mom of 2 teenagers).... prayers helped me be peaceful and calm--- i needed these so i could absorb what i was studying.... i used saunder's 4th edition cd, i chewed the rationales very well before swallowing and digesting them .... the good thing about the cd is that you can review by category like by Client Needs where there are 4 sub topics, one of them is psychosocial integrity... after i finished with saunders, i used exam cram which has 1000 questions... like what the book suggested, i reviewed and mastered the cram for 2 weeks..... i did some notes from exam cram which became my nclex bible (i photocopied the "NCLEX PN CRAM SHEET" from the book which was 7 pages... then that's where i put my notes, on the blank spaces of the front pages, and all the back pages.... ---- btw, my classmate who failed the nclex borrowed the notes that i had.... he said it helped him passed the nclex when he took it the 2nd time... aside from this, he reviewed saunders and hogan) few days before my tests, i was so so nervous, i could feel my heartbeat very fast and strong... my knees became weak.... but the day before the test, i just snapped and became confident --- i accepted my fate, pass or fail..... i said to myself, "i did my best, and if i don't make it, i just have to try again......" ---- you can do it, too! hope what i shared will help you in some way... good luck!
  6. ntgale08

    Treated like crap

    omg, so these kind of people still exist.... your story is like a soap opera, it gave me a head ache. you deserve better, my dear....
  7. ntgale08

    AWOL for giving verbal resignation only. What to do?

    thank you to each and everyone who gave their advice and feedback.... i am so touched of how concerned everyone is.......... so here's what happened: i had a pleasant meeting with everyone. i came in to the hr office with a sweet smile and an exchange of "how are you's?" with the mgr. i did not have to say another word .... hrm started talking and explaining to me almost to the context of what zookeeper3 said..... [color=#4f81bd]" while in orientation, our employees may quit without notice at anytime. actually our probation is 90 days, anyone can quit with in that time with no notice, no reprocussions. if you were in probationary time, my belief is that it cannot be held against you.... but we do require a written letter. this may simply be a formality that once the letter is received you are cleared from that facility." ( come to think about it now, elpark --- i think she was the one being defensive, but she was nice though). going back..... before i went to the facility, i thought of hitting two birds in one stone since i'll be seeing everyone there anyway. first, to get my certification and secondly, to ask the don if their door is still open for me... and yes.... she said it has always been open for me. so i told her that i will be very much interested in 3-11 shift (to handle around 30 residents only). she said she will call me when something comes up for that shift. ( i was thinking, could this really be true?) btw, when i quit, i told don and sd that it's either i will die first or risk patients safety if i continue to work at night shift..... i do not want them to be in trouble because of me. so, i gave my written letter of resignation to hr cc don. but i was asked by hrm to come back tomorrow for the certification since she was about to leave for an appointment. she gave me her cp no and asked me to call before coming to ensure that she's there and that the letter is ready. (she gave me her cp no. ---- that was so nice, i do not have to wait and park a long time on the switchboard for her). that was it! julesa,elkpark,and nursemike, i am so glad i was able to read your feedback before i signed off this pm... --- you gave me a great idea! classicdame, angelfirern, kyrshamarks, and straydandelion --- thank you, too! p.s. guys, you made me confident facing everyone. i was so scared and ashamed to go there.... but when my colleagues saw me, they were all smiles asking if i am already coming back.... others did not ask but rather told me i should be back.......... adon was happy to see and spent a minute w me to ask how i am. even the rehab admin whose name i do not know was smiling at me... thank you, god, for these wonderful people i've met in allnurses.com and at my previous job! even though they won't be able to hire me back ---- i feel just great! good night guys! :loveya:
  8. ntgale08

    AWOL for giving verbal resignation only. What to do?

    katie5, i really don't remember signing anything else cause i was anxious to know how much my salary was.... i only learned how much my pay was when i received my pay check (i was indeed in their system). and yes, i'll be as nice as i can be tomorrow... i think i better wear my angelic look, too:saint:. thank you:heartbeat caliotter3 and mamamerlee, thanks! :heartbeat:heartbeat i have prepared the letter as suggested. that sounds fair, zookeeper3.... thanks so much for your feedback!:heartbeat love you, guys!:redbeathe
  9. I was employed in an LTC/Rehab last month and I quit after 2 weeks of orientation because I felt that I will not be able to handle efficiently 70 patients/residents (am a fresh grad). I tendered resignation verbally with the DON and she accepted it. We parted in good terms. Today, I requested HR for certification stating that I am no longer connected with them. HR told me that I have not given them a written resignation and that I should have given two weeks notice. As far as they are concerned, I am AWOL. Why did I miss doing that, giving a written resignation letter? I should have known better. But now that I am thinking about it, I realized that I did not sign any employment contract, did not have a copy of employment handbook, that my employment was verbal and "at will" state, and that I only signed off an application form, and W-4, nothing more. How did I let this happen? I guess I was so occupied with my new job.... anxious, scared, stressed, overwhelmed, etc. I do not want to have a bad record so I have to clear this resignation issue with HR. Is it right for me to say that I did not give a written notice of my resignation because I did not sign an employment contract nor received a copy of employee handbook? ..... need your help badly before I meet with HR tomorrow afternoon. Hoping to hear for some good advise soon, please. Thanks in advance.
  10. ntgale08

    A nurse friend of mine passed away: A WARNING TO ALL

    I am so sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and the family of your friend. And thank you for your warning. I am thinking that this warning is meant more for somebody like me who can be "naive " sometimes (i wish not to say the "s-----" word...) esp of the risks/danger in our society (more so that I am looking forward to being in home health care after a year experience as LVN). We live in one of the safest community in California and I have been very complacent and trusting. I need to be more careful, too, as no one - no place is invincible (not sure if this is the right word) of accidents, more so of crime. Take care and God bless. P.S. This is why I just can't control myself from visiting allnurses.com, i learn something each time. Thank you again for sharing us your time.
  11. ntgale08

    Lazy coworker

    i had one supervisor who just watches how you stress out and get crazy handling 70 patients without offering any help so we can provide better quality care for our residents (i heard he sneaks to sleep, too --- i was always so busy to notice:uhoh3:)... on the other hand, the other supervisor i had in the same facility was so helpful and always makes sure our residents are well taken cared off.... she even helps us with our charting so we won't spend extra (unpaid) hours working ... it is just so sad when you work with lazy and uncaring nurses (including cna's) because it is actually the patients and the residents who suffer ... it is always good if there is some sort of co-worker performance evaluation so problems like this can be addressed.... or so at least, if they know there is something like this, they might think twice to being lazy and move their butts to do their job and also help their staff and the patients.
  12. ntgale08

    I am sad, I am numb, am I burned out?

    Am sorry to hear about your co-worker..... My brother took his own life last year. I have not fully recovered but I try to hide it especially when I am with my mom. Being the eldest in the family, everyone looks up to me, so I had to be strong for them ..... I remember telling them several times, "he is in a better place now..... we will all die sooner or later, he just went ahead of us...... We do not want him to be sad up there so we have to move on and take care of the living, our love ones especially his family.... this will make him happy and peaceful." In my heart, I believe that the patients whom he took care of and had passed this earth are waiting to welcome him and will lead him to God to introduce him, "this is the nurse who devotedly cared for up to his last strength, Lord ...". I hope you, your co-workers and his family will get the healing soon. Stay strong..... I'll pray for you and your co-wokers, and for him and his family. "May he rest in peace." P.S. I think you need to take a break..... it will help a lot.
  13. ntgale08

    Role of LVN's in Mental Health/Psychiatric Units

    Dear All, I am so grateful for your feedback. They are all very helpful information. Now, I know how to move forward with my plans. My best regards to everyone!
  14. if a person is a habitual cheater, he/she, IMO, would never pass the nclex.... (how could they if they don't study well?) and most likely, he/she will attempt to cheat during the board exam and will be caught! -- that would mean "good bye nursing career" --- .... money and time gone wasted... it's themselves that they actually fooled around with.
  15. I am an LVN planning to apply for a job in Mental Health/Psychiatric Units. (I just got my license late last year and I only had a month experience as an LVN.... ) I heard from some of my friends that LVN's basically just administer PO meds. One of them was telling me that unlike in LT, where you administer meds room to room, medications administration in Psych are thru a window -while patients line up for their meds-as a security measure. How true is this in California? I would appreciate it very much if some of you can share what they know about LVN's role in MH/Psych Units, please.... (or other inputs on mental health units and lvn's there) Aside from administering medications, is there any room for advancement for us? I love caring for the elderly especially hospice patients, but something inside me wants to help people who have behavioral or mental health problems, too........ (I lost the person i love so much, my brother, last year.... he had severe depression.... took his own life..... ) Thanks in advance for your help.
  16. ntgale08

    my co-worker set me up

    i am sorry you are in this situation but try to calm down and evaluate things in a different perspective.... i would think your DON called because you did not ask for approval nor confirmed that you will take the day off (since you were the one who needed the change not your co-worker).... she was right to say "you did not show up for work" --- because you really didn't whether you colleague spoke to her or not. What I also think is that your co-worker did actually talk to the DON, and that the DON waited for your call but you did not, unfortunately --- she made that call to give you a lesson, for you to think better.... i also think that your co-worker just told you exactly what happened.... (again, you should have called your DON and then say, "I understand that nurse so and so already told you that ....................... I just want to confirm your approval.) most of the time, when we allow our emotions to flare up, we do not think well---it builds negative thoughts and lots of anger (which happened to me many times in the past --- i learned well)... take responsibility..... try to talk in a professional manner whether it be with the DON or co-worker.... learn from your mistake. good luck!