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i am planning to become a cna and then after about a year continuing on to become an rn or maybe lpn. are other people considering a similar career path? i think i'll be more comfortable getting some... Read More

  1. by   displacedfloridian
    I'm doing the CNA path to "kill time" and gain experience. For me, I'll function better as an RN, with confidence, with experience as a CNA. I have all major pre-reqs done, and am waiting to apply to fall of '10 programs.

    Then, RN to BSN, I plan to accomplish the education level necessary to allow me to teach nursing, but really want a masters' in either anthropology or sociology.
  2. by   displacedfloridian
    hahaha Ozarksgal...I'm with you on the working years left...I'll figure I'll work till I'm about 74 or so...retirement??? naaaahhh, never
  3. by   nkara
    LOL... I'm 40 and I've been a CNA for a little over a year now. Going to school for my RN. Just starting my pre-req's so I figure I've got about 5 years till I get my RN. I look at it this way.. if I get my license when I'm 50 I still have at least 20 years left to work... if not longer! lol
  4. by   Tasenhall
    I just got certified a week ago, but I am on my second year of my BSN, will ride on the CNA till I graduate with RN. Hope to one day do graduate work, maybe CRNA, NP...whatever floats my boat.
  5. by   PrettyLittleLPN
    I will be starting nursing school in September and plan on working as a CNA while in school. I think it's a great idea!
  6. by   KellRrn2b
    yeah i started out as a cna (we actually are called stna in ohio). I did this so I could start getting experience AND qualify for tuition reimbursement from the hospital I work at towards NS. And often, NS do look at experience when picking new students. GOOD luck
  7. by   Christina08
    I did my CNA because of the nursing program.
  8. by   azcna
    I am a CNA, will be taking a PCT class next month, and going to nursing school in 1-2 years.
  9. by   niki1010
    I worked as a CNA for 3 yrs before making the decision to attend nursing school. I graduated from an ADN program May 7th and took the Nclex this morning. My experience as a CNA was incredibly helpful. I would recommend working in a hospital as aCNA or patient care tech if you plan to continue, the experience will put you ahead!
  10. by   Girl Scout
    I am not sure what steps I'm going to take, or how long I'm taking to get there, but I know the destination is RN.

    Right now I'm just working on CNA, then I will be working on PCT. I haven't decided yet what the next step is - I have a lot of options - but the ultimate goal is to get my life in line with those great big goal posts that say "nursing school acceptance" on them. Changing your life and doing so much to get there feels a bit like how long it takes to turn an aircraft carrier on the sea: Sloooow and careful, but steady and vigilant.

    I wish you tons of luck in reaching your goal!
  11. by   crystal25
    Hi everyone I'm at CNA but I can't seem to find a job. But I have been applying. But I started Nursing school a month after I finished CNA program. I did just didn't take the state right afterwards am just happy its over.
  12. by   Busia
    I am taking my CNA class in a couple weeks, it's a pre-req for the LPN program. I'm hoping to get into the LPN program for spring '10, and haven't decided if I will continue on in the RN program after that.

    I know my step-mom works at a hospital a few hours from here, I forget what exactly she does, something with medical and surgical supplies, and she has mentioned that they are phasing out LPN's at their hosptial. I haven't seen that yet in my area. The path I'm taking through a technical college means I have to get my LPN diploma before continuing on for the RN degree, so I guess if they start phasing them out around here, I"ll just have to keep going!
  13. by   Hazel11
    I have finished my CNA class and hope to pass my state test next month. I started off in nursing school in 2008, and I thought that the nursing assistant route would help me gain more experience around patients. I actually start my 3-11 shift today, so I'm very excited, but nervous. :heartbeat