First day!

  1. I just made it through my first day as a CNA!!!! I will eventually be working 12 hour shifts, but thankfully today was only an 8 - MY BACK IS KILLING ME!!!!! The back was fine until I sat for 30 minutes at lunch, and then it just rebelled when I had to stand up again. Any suggestions for that or does it just take time to get used to standing on my feet all day? I've got good shoes, and thankfully my legs and feet feel good - tired, but good.
    I learned so much today and it felt so good to be working in my chosen field. The nurses I was with were great and very supportive and the other aides were wonderful. Finding my way around the hospital was a whole other story! Now I've just got to start feeling more confident with doing things on my own - I was too scared to do any bed pans or baths on my own today but did a lot of assisting.
    For now, I'm heading up the street to grab me some SONIC and then going to plop down on the couch with my feet up for a while! I'm thinking maybe doing some yoga tonight may help and then I may try to do a few stretches before I go to work next time and see if that helps the 'ol back. I've got the weekend off to recover, but next week I'm working 8's on Mon, Tues, Weds and then a 12 on Fri.
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  3. by   suzy253
    congrats on your 1st day! I know the sore back routine. I sat down for about 10 minutes today to gulp down some lunch while writing assessment sheets and discharge papers. I don't think sitting to go pee counts (does it???) One thing I always forget is to raise the bed when I'm doing a procedure on a patient. And I'm 5'11 !!!!!!
  4. by   truern
    I feel for you, Lana.....when I sit for lunch my legs just don't cooperate when its time to get up! They "lock up" something fierce!!

    I hope you're wearing some good support socks.

    In the meantime, see about putting in a hot tub!! hehe
  5. by   jb2u
    Congrats on your first SUCCESSFUL day!!! Always ask for help when you need it and try to limit bending over! Proper shoes are always a great idea.
    Good luck next week!!
  6. by   Cococure
    You made it thru ur 1st day congrats!! Just keep everything in perspective and don't overextend yourself esp. your back and alway ask for help if u need it...I have acouple of things that help with my sore back and throbbing feet....
    1) a good back rub/massage - you deserve to be pampered once in awhile
    2) comfortable shoes - style goes thru the window
    3)long hot bath - soaking in the tub with bath salts helps me feet a lot

    all the best
  7. by   Daytonite
    Oh, Sonic! I envy you! I could use a lime slush about now!

    As someone who developed severe back problems over the years I warn you to keep what you got in good condition. I would seriously recommend that you start seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis if you are having backaches after one day of standing. A chiropractor is going to educate you on how to position yourself when you sleep to give your spine the best positioning it needs. Also, by looking at your back x-rays they may see something about your back you were not aware you had and can help you compensate for it before years of standing, turning and lifting turn it into a major problem. It may be something very simple but only someone like this kind of professional would see.
  8. by   husker-nurse
    It's always good to get the first day behind you! Always ask for help when needed, never risk your (or your patient's) safety by attempting to do something alone that requires more assist; utilize all lifting devices, if available, take your breaks, get plenty of sleep. Every new job takes getting used to (physically AND mentally). Hang in there! Good CNA's are worth their weight in gold!
  9. by   LanaBanana
    Thanks for the encouragement guys! I am glad that I have a couple of days to recoup from yesterday and excited to back there again next week. When I went to bed last night I just laid there thinking about all the things I had learned. I will be doing my preceptorship for about a week and a half and then will meet with my nurse manager and the trainer to see how it's going. Hopefully at that point we'll all agree that I'm doing okay so I can go ahead and just start working on the weekends, like I want. Until then, on Mon-Weds I will be working from 6:30a to 3:00 and then going to class from 3:30-9:30. It exhausts me just thinking about it!
  10. by   violetandreese
    1. Keep the bed up
    2. Use your leg muscles as best as you can
    3. Use your arm muscles
    4. Drink lots of coffee before work

    After doing the CNA thing for a few weeks you will find muscles in your arms and legs working much better for you than before. You will become accustomed to the work required, and will look back at your first days and laugh at how difficult it is. Chalk it up to a learning experience
  11. by   LanaBanana
    I thought I would offer an update...
    I LOVE my job! I am almost done with my orientation. This week I decided to try wearing panty hose to see if it helped my legs. I tried Legg's Sheer Vitality and they were wonderful! AFter working a 12 hour shift my legs didn't hurt or my back. I will NEVER go to work again without wearing them!
    THanks for all the advice everybody!!!!