Boy this is challenging.....!

  1. Hello to all. I just wanted to keep you all updated. I started my CNA class on the 18th. So excited and loving it. It is very challenging. We have to read five chapters a day and do the workbook, which consists of about 4 pages front and back for each chapter. And we have a test everyday on what we learned the day before,plus two clinical skills. I am on total overload. The work itself is not hard but to learn so much in a short period of time is driving me mad. :yldhdbng:
    We had to do the chapter about the human body and that was rough. Only three people in the class passed the test. I was one, with the highest score (a 90). I am at the top of my class in every test ,my lowest score being a 90. I am so proud of myself and am pushing myself hard because I want to go to nursing school and I know its much harder than this, so if I can't do this, I can't do nursing school.

    It just kills me when I see some of these student being so lazy about work and making so many excuses, and to know that these people with this careless attitude are going into this field. Students are ready to quit and some are crying and frustrated. Some don't like me much cause I'm doing so well and they judge me and say, "oh well she has time to study she has nothing else to do", or "she's young her brain is still fresh". HELLO!!!! I have two kids and a fiance and I have responcibilites too. I just make the time and am very determined to do well. Sigh!

    I don't let them get to me though and I'm still striving hard. I miss you all so much and still squeeze in some time for this site. Was your course so condensed as well? Was\ IS it hard for you too? Thanks everyone and enjoy your memorial day weekend. Smooches
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  3. by   KimberlyRN89
    I know how you feel. I was one of the youngest in my class & the other girl who was younger than me was sooo lazy. I really don't know how she passed honestly. Anyways I say don't let them get to you, they sound jealous that you're doing well ! My class was a month long so you really have to focus b/c we had a test every couple of days. It wasn't hard for me during theory but when it came to clinicals I felt a little overwhelmed but after a day I got the hang of things. Good luck & don't let them get to you
  4. by   greeniebean
    One of the girls in my class failed every test! and i got certified through my facility so the instructor would literally read the test to us before we took it. She never did her workbook and she was always late. And she was planning on going into nursing school! she quit 2 days after getting her certification.

    There are always haters. You should be proud of doing so well! Congratulations on your sucess and Good Luck in your class!
  5. by   PeaceKeepr
    "Anything worth doing, is worth doing well."

    Keep at it, it'll pay off shortly.
  6. by   asun21ta
    The CNA class I went to was taught at a nursing home. The LTC course was 3 about weeks long. Then a few weeks later, the Department of Health came and tested us. It was funny. I was the youngest person in my class, and one of the only few who took the class seriously. 4 of them were mothers and they were the most immature ones! They thought they knew everything. They would back talk the over the instructor, laugh at her....I didn't get it. (one has to wonder how their kids behaved!) Then there were 2 others who were a few years older than me. They must have dating because all they would do is laugh, play & flirt together all throughout class. It was a mess. They made it difficult for everyone. In the end, 4 people had to re-test. I wasn't one of them!!

    The class itself isn't hard. Some people have a problem with tests period, so that's why they may think it's more difficult. The skills test can be the most difficult because you have to do everything by the book in front of someone. Most of it is common sense. However, if you don't pay attention to what you should be doing, it is easy to get tripped up. I used to practice on my friends. It's not as hard as you think. As long as you study, you will be fine. I know you'll do great.

    Good Luck.
  7. by   Dorali
    Yes, that sounds about right! LOL! There's at least one in every group.

    You are doing EXACTLY what you need to be doing. Ignore the loud ones and don't let them get to you. They will be even more upset when you pass the state exam and they didn't. Then they'll wish they would have had you as a friend/partner in class rather than an "enemy".

    I have 2 kids and a husband too and I passes my class with a 98%! It doesn't come easy and I studied my tail off. You keep it up, girl because when you ace your state exam you will be so proud of yourself!

    You're doing great!
  8. by   lilcajun
    Hang in there. The state test will be easier than what they are throwing on you in class. Just keep thinking about the reasons you are fighting for it. Good luck!!
  9. by   coffee4metech
    I passed clinical and the class part with a 95% the whole course was very easy and straight forward. I never had an issue with it being to hard in fact I started 2 weeks post partum after having my daughter .
  10. by   MyschelT
    I totally understand what you are talking about! I just started my class this past wednesday, and it was so frustrating that 6 people just never showed, then one was 30 minutes late and the teacher didn't even say anything to her! It seems like at least half the class is not taking it seriously, and it is baffling how many of the students are just downright disrespectful to the teacher.

    Great job with your own work though!! Ignore the rest and keep plugging away, that's what I'm doing! We have our first test Monday, and Im betting a lot of my classmates won't even know there's a test when we show up Monday, even though the instructor told us there would be. I've been studying my tail off for it and emailing the teacher with questions, so I'm really hoping I do well! This first week is the roughest as far as our classroom work goes, with 6 chapters due including homework for Monday, then another 3 I think due on Wednesday, plus I know we have a test Monday, and possibly a quiz Wednesday! Whew! If I can make it through this first week intact and with an A, then I think I can do anything!

    Back to studying for me, good luck with everything in your class, just keep at it, I'm sure you will be great!
  11. by   mncna08
    Well my class was not that driven. It was easy for me though too,i enjoyed it and took the skills very serously.There were maybe 4 people that did not pass the course. Everyday we would go over say vitals, we would read, talk,lecture then skills, everything would have a whole day for just that and we had to pass the skills.
    Anyways i wouldnt worry about other people and how they are doing in the class and what they have to say about it. If they arent meant for such work they will soon find out, a c.n.a class doesnt even come close to nursing school with all of the other million things you have to learn!
    Hey i say if you want it bad enouph, you will pay the price. :] sounds like you are working hard and staying focused, it pays off! and its important to have good study skills. best wishes! ~melissa