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  1. by   LovePeas
    Wow I wish I knew about this thread! lol

    I passed 4/21/09!!!
  2. by   misava
    Now I'm a CNA...just need to get a job! I passed the state exam last saturday the 18th! yay!
    Since I'm in school I'm just looking for a part time job, just to gain experience while I take my pre-req's for nursing!
  3. by   CandAmommy
    Congratulations to you all!! I can't wait to post in here!
  4. by   sunsetbeach14
    I passed my State test on Saturday...the 25th...I have to say the hardest part was the anticipation of what skills you are going to have to do....
  5. by   Equinox_93
    Took the test Saturday the 25th- just found out I PASSED today *cheers*
  6. by   littlenursingmommy

    And get this...I passed with ONE SECOND left on the clock!

    Aside from handwashing, I had denture care, vest restraint, ted sock and occupied bed.

    The stockings and the occupied bed were byfar my WORST area in clinicals, so I was terrified.

    I did fine up until I got to the vest mind went blank and I forgot how to do the ******* knots! :angryfire It took me 10 minutes to figure it out, and by the time I got done, I only had 4 minutes to do an occupied bed....I figured I was pretty much done for, and just tried to finish as best as I could.

    Well, that was the quickest occupied bed I've ever made, and it was BEAUTIFUL if I do say so myself. 100% mistake free, for once. I gave her the call light, removed gloves, washed hands, and as SOON as I announced that I was done, the clock beeped. I was still pretty convinced that I'd failed, but I just saw the results yesterday...passed with flying colors.
  7. by   ohiogyrl
    I passed! I had hand washing, stocking, unoccupied bed, feeding and mouth care. I barely passed the written though...weird. Now I have an interview with a nursing home thats beautiful AND on the same street as my house. I can look out my window and see it. Very close thankfully
  8. by   CandAmommy
  9. by   Dorali
    I took my test on Tuesday. I passed the skills exam without much trouble then took my written test. Passed it with a 98%!! They told me that my score was the highest out of everyone that tested that day! I was so proud of myself! A great way to start off my new career!

  10. by   Serendipity, PCT
    I PASSSED!!!

    I thought for SURE I FAILED!

    I feel so humbled &+ blessed. I missed an important part of the exam that for sure should have failed me; but the examiner must've saw something in my performance/ in me that made my name appear on the NYS REGISTRY!

    I need a chill pill because I swear I am dreaming..
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  11. by   sunflower777
    I passed my CNA exam on June 2, 2009..the journey just began!!!

  12. by   CWpost
    i passed both written and clinical skills on june 5, 2009. i'm enrolling in two
    prerequisite courses (anatomy and physiology and dosage/calculations) at the community college near my house this aug and once i'm done then i can apply for the lvn course that will start fall of '10.

    i live in california and would like to know where i can go to verify that my name is on the registry. it's been 2 weeks now and the proctor at the testing site said it would take about 6 days for it to make the list.

    thanks for anyone's help.

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  13. by   JustinTJ
    Had to take it so that I can start working as a RN intern at my hospital (Starting the last year.)

    I had feeding, change of position to left side, and measure urinary output.