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  1. CNAMichelle

    Failed skills portion :(

    YAY SOOOO GLAD YOU PASSED!!:up::smokin::D:cheers::balloons::balloons::balloons::clphnds::dancgrp:
  2. CNAMichelle

    GA CNA roll call?

    I am as far south in Georgia as one can go..st.marys and the pay for alf is horrible....I mAKE THE same thing I would make if I worked at mickey ds ,walmart,convenient store..etc..etc....not that I'm cutting these jobs down,but come on,the pay should be more for us......
  3. CNAMichelle

    CNAMichelle... We are proud of you!!

    wow thankyou---you are such a sweet person!! thanks again!:up::D
  4. CNAMichelle


    thanks for all the comments.....franharmon they dont give anyone over time(which I couldnt do anyway) no shift diffs. and I make minumum wage...otherwise I would really love the job. busia-GOODLUCK TO YOU! HOPE YOU GET THE JOB!
  5. CNAMichelle


    we never had to change gloves during the process,we changed the linens with gloves on,disposed of the gloves when we were done and washed our hands.
  6. CNAMichelle

    Failed skills portion :(

    Dont be too hard on ya self,I failed the first time also! some of those proctors are real B's:icon_roll try again,I passed the 2nd time.....you will too! think positive and try try again...I heard that lots of people failed the first time.GOODLUCK!
  7. CNAMichelle

    anyone take the course through American Red Cross?

    I took the red cross program it was 9 weeks 3 days a week. we had to wear a red scrub top and white scrub pants,white shoes for the whole class and 40 hrs of clinicals. I thought they did a pretty darn good job of teaching us,I enjoyed it....mine was in Florida.
  8. CNAMichelle


    WOW I have great respect for you CNA'S working in a nh,I started my new job in the ALF and woooo its kicking my butt and I know its easier than the NH. but I do LOVE it too! I am wore out though,I was suppose to be PRN but am now on the schedule and have worked 54 hrs in the past 5 days,I finally told them that I absolutely cant work those 12 hour shifts,they were very understanding and are changing my schedule..yay!!!! I have health issues and my body just cant go that long......anyway just wanted to tell ya'll that so far I love it,and must be doing a good job,cuz they keep telling me that....hehe:p
  9. CNAMichelle

    yay....finally got a job!

    I live right at the Florida line in ST.marys Georgia ,we moved here from Jacksonville 3 yrs ago,they pay about $9/hr I think,some places more,actually I am certified in FL. and GA.I will see how this works out and if its too much work load for the money,I'll get a job in jax.
  10. CNAMichelle

    How much do CNA's make these days and is the pay worth the workload?

    I was also informed....NO shift differentials.and the only holidays they observe are Christmas,Thanksgiving and July 4.....lol and of course they put me to work on Labor day already...9am-9m.....oh well I hope I really enjoy this job other wise.
  11. CNAMichelle

    yay....finally got a job!

    I found out today that we have 16 residents so we would only have 8 a peice. I am still VERY upset to find out that the"pay" is minumum freaking wage....no you dont get into this "career" for the money as people point out,but$7.25/hr. is pathetic/ garbage men make waaaaay more....lets compare.pick up garbage/pick up someones/grandma/grandpa/mommy/daddy...hmmmmmmmm
  12. CNAMichelle

    How much do CNA's make these days and is the pay worth the workload?

    I was extremely disappointed to learn today that in my little town in Georgia,where I just "landed" my first CNA job(in ALF) is worth no more to people than working in mickey d's or something. $7.25 an hr is freaking rediculous!!
  13. CNAMichelle

    yay....finally got a job!

    thanks all for the replies! I cant wait,for now I will only be working"on call" .I looked this place up online(b/c I forgot to ask) and it says it houses 24 residents.
  14. CNAMichelle

    yay....finally got a job!

    Been out of school 8 mths now,AND FINALLY GOT MY FIRST JOB! The job is at a small alf(assisted living) anyone got any advice? experiences you woud like to share? whAt should I maybe expect? thanks! Michelle:yeah:
  15. CNAMichelle

    More CNA woes.

    wow -with some of the comments made on here,(by RN'S)you would think that,they are God,or doctors or something.