Cna becomg cpr certified?

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Hello I was wondering if their is an advantage to being CPR certified before applying for jobs? In addition to acquiring a Cna license?


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Many jobs require it. You'll need the BLS for caregivers CPR course.

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All of the CNAs at my workplace are BLS-certified (a.k.a. CPR certification). There are several advantages to having CPR certification:

1. Potential workplaces will not need to pay for it if you have already taken the initiative to attain CPR certification with your own time and money.

2. You'll be equipped to better help any patients / residents with whom you work if their hearts stop pumping or they suddenly stop breathing.

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In the nursing home where I work, only the nurses are required to have CPR.

The CNA's, even if we have CPR certification, are not allowed to preform CPR on a resident.


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In my CNA course, the CPR certification is part of the curriculum. If you are planning to enroll in a course, maybe it's already included?


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Many workplaces require BLS as a healthcare provider to even work as a CNA. Depends where you go, but I would take the course to have the background, as even if you don't "need" it; the perspective will help you out in caring for patients.


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My answer is the same as Proton's. Ours was part of our program and we received the BLS healthcare provider CPR. Definitely get that one as most facilities will not take other ones!

Good luck!



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all cnas in my area are required to have current CPR cert

even if your employer doesn't allow CNAs to perform CPR

choking happens much more frequently

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