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    Getting recognized by former patients on the street

    There are very few patients I remember well enough to know, so most of the time if I see them and they say hello, I just try to play off my lack of memory of them and hope they don't notice. I don't mind seeing them at all in the real world, and usually just smile and wish them well. Though I do always feel a bit badly for never remembering their names, especially years after I took care of them, haha.
  2. lilredrunner

    ATI Testing for BSN Students

  3. lilredrunner

    Getting "points back" on a test

    This semester is the first time I've ever had a teacher that did a test review like that (and it's my last semester), and I personally hate the subjective push. Before this semester, it was always by statistical analysis, and they used an objective ruling. So there were questions that stood and ones that didn't, and it was the end of the story, regardless of the individual students that wanted a higher grade. Adding the ability for students to challenge some on their own grounds had made it really murky and biased, and I hate it, because I, too, work hard for passing scores, and hate the fact that many people have been pushed through that wouldn't have passed otherwise. So glad that I'm done after this semester, can't lie.
  4. lilredrunner

    It's hard losing classmates...

    I started my RN program with 27 in our class. Right now, we're at 20 in our last semester, and that's with a few people injected into the second year as LPN students. It's tough to see them go, because it's so high stakes, and everything rides on those passes and fails.. I can't imagine not being able to finish after so much work. And that stupid 77%.. I hate that percentage now, haha.
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    Double post.
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    Floated to Tele, no experience...

    Would definitely second the ACLS suggestion. The AHA has that certification as a very valuable learning tool. Also look into if there are any classes available at local colleges for ECG strip readings, or cardiac classes. Many community colleges with EMT/Paramedic courses offer them for health professionals.