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  1. 5ummer

    Should I change jobs to another facility? Advice Needed

    I agree you should never be in a environment you truly don't like or am unhappy with.
  2. 5ummer

    Passing meds-assisted living facility

    You shouldn't feel that way, about questioning your career.I felt overwhelmed at first aswell.But with time and patience also comes something very important, which is time management. Of course where I'm at it's only 16 residents to one person doing care and med pass. One trick that helped me was knowing who gets extra pills, for examples creams,patches,vitamins and save those for last.
  3. 5ummer

    Ever feel uneasy about a job?

    Okay that's understandable, yes the meds are prepackaged and labeled so it's not like I'm making out the doses per resident. But I didn't know about checking state regulation online. Thanks.
  4. 5ummer

    Ever feel uneasy about a job?

    So, I'm really nervous about this. I would like everybody's opinion. I just had my first day working at an assisted living facility. The residents are pretty independent. The thing that is bugging me is that the cnas have to pass meds on top of other cnas duties. Is this even okay? I just feel like it is making me uneasy. Because in school I learned there is supposed to be a med nurse for certain facilities, like nursing homes.
  5. For example being an lpn and working while simultaneously be an rn working in a different state?
  6. 5ummer

    Home health pros and cons??

    Oh wow, well cna work can be optional in terms of getting a job at a facility, hospital, or the home Health route. But what I've been contemplating is working only weekends at a nursing home or hospital. Then staying with the home health agency and maybe have one client during the week in between my classes.
  7. 5ummer

    Home health pros and cons??

    Thanks for the advice!! I was just curious because I'm just a few weeks I'm taking my state test, I want to be sure that home health is right for me. Because I'm interested in starting off their and I landed an interview with an agency.
  8. 5ummer

    Home health pros and cons??

    Hello, I'm interested in home health cna work. Can anyone who works in home health give me any pointers or what your experience is like in home health?
  9. 5ummer

    Clinicalssssssssss 😎

    Awesome! My clinicals starts next week too. 😊
  10. 5ummer

    When's best time of year to apply?

    Ok great, I'll start putting in applications when we start clinicals. Thanks everybody!! :)
  11. 5ummer

    When's best time of year to apply?

    Could I apply before I take my state test?
  12. I know there is a consisting need for cnas. But is there a certain time of year which is best to apply or more likely to get hired? I'm just asking because I take my state exam around the time of thanksgiving. I don't want to apply around holidays if I'm not likely to get hired.
  13. 5ummer

    Work and School...What do you do?

    I work weekends waiting tables. Blehh.
  14. I'm sorry but nine months long and 30k, sounds like it came straight off a craigslist ad.
  15. Well I'm not sure what would make it for profit technically? But my school is like a training center, I guess. It's not affiliated with any of the local colleges.
  16. Good morning guys, I'm not taking my class at my local college because it's over a thousand without financial aid because it's a non credit course. The school I'm going to only offers Cna, pharm tech, and phlebotomy. It seems to me like it's run like a business not school, when I filed the application I felt like it was a job application. But it's the only place that offers Cna class for cheap and in six weeks then school in my area. It's 500 plus price for state test, which is another 100. But my class starts tomorrow. I'm excited but kinda nervous. Did anyone else get trained in a place like this?