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This is a group for people who want to feel better. It is especially geared for folks their 2nd half century (50+) but anyone is welcome to join. A little over 20 years ago or 30 something I lost 100 pounds with a combination of moderate dieting and walking. My knees were shot my fibromyalgia was out of control and I just wanted to feel better. I am not good in the indoor gym setting as I would rather be out in nature so I did what I liked. I am currently trying to loses 60 or so pounds in 10 pound increments to keep it doable. Anyone is welcome join. Be advised we are here to support each other so no bullying, name calling, yelling (In all caps) or political talk will be tolerated. There is a politics group for that purpose. Suggestions that keep us on track in our goals to feel better, look better and work without decending hopelessly into the stress of the job will all find a place here.

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  2. I have been wanting to do something like this for a long time. The things that lead us to make a decision about health lifestyle changes can be different and deeply person. You already know a tiny bit about my journey - so why not share about what motivates you to feel better, possible lose some pounds and enjoy a healthy future!

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