Have you ever left work in the middle of the day to go exercise?


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Lately, my job has taken over my life.  So much to the point that I cannot regularly exercise.   This has made me frustrated, so today I left at noon to go to a weight lifting class.  While at class, I got over 10 phone calls and messages from work.  Why? Because a patient decided to cause an issue.   I can't ever advocate for myself and have time for myself because god forbid, someone at work needs something.   I get that I should do something like this before or after work, but the thing is, by the time I get off work, there are no exercise classes available.  So I thought I would take a break and very resentful that I can't ever have time for my own needs.  

Anyone else ever left work for exercise?  How did it work for you?

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I actually thought about doing this fairly recently since sometimes I have 1-2 hour downtime at my clinic and there is a 24 hour fitness nearby. But then I think about getting sweaty, not wanting to get my Figs dirty with sweat and sweat stains, and then also having to shower/clean up, do my hair, etc and then come back. Even more so of a hassle to change when you get there, and change when you leave to go back to work. Almost seems like its not worth and better off just working out before or after work which I've done before. Though, I've had to leave mid exercise routine for work stuff before, that wasn't fun haha.

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