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Hey guys and gals! We are done to the wire! This is the last year can you believe it?! I am so excited and can not wait to finally see my dream finally come true! What about the rest of you? Are you as excited as me? When 2004 finally gets here, I am not going to stop smiling because I'll know that finally all the hard work will have finally paid off!

Anyway, good luck and God bless to everyone whose completing this last year! Hang in there, the finish line is finally in sight:)


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Last year here also! You are right, it has been a very bumpy ride sometimes. Hoping that I make it the rest of the way! See you at the diploma table!!


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Yes, our goal in in sight - it is all about May 2004. Not that there is not a lot of hard work ahead of us until then. But so worth it. Have been back at school for a week, already have two psych clinicals under my belt. Dosage calculation test today. Just keep moving along. Good luck to everyone.

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Class of 2004 here~! (May) I can't wait to be done with school and get on to being a nurse! I am in my Pedi/ OB semester and am also taking a management class and a History class via the internet. School is so overwhelming for me with 2 kids and being Pres. of our nursing association. I dont know how people do it who work and have kids! I just can't wait to get the heck out of school! First I am going on a mini vacation all enclusive place in mexico that my MIL went to. Then, take my NCLEX and games on!I am still going to take a class or two a semester towards my BSN (i have several done already) and am planning on working Med Surg for 2 years then moving on to my dream....the ER! hopefully i can alternate 3 and 4 12's every other week. What does everyone else plan on doing after graduation?


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I can't see much past graduation. My plan is to work at the local hopsital that I am doing my clinicals at. I will do that for two years, then before leaving the hospital I will build up a private practice. That is my goal, to be independant. Hey my thought is that the hospitals are throwing people out way too early. These pt's still need nursing care. That is my plan. Let's see if it works.

We had our Graduation pics done already. that was pretty cool. I got my GED,so this is my first real graduation and I am so excited!

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Hey everyone! It great to hear from all of you!

Nurse Stacey--I really admire you! Wow! President of your student nurse assoc, school, plus children! I really give people a lot of credit when they have children at home, because school is hard enough when it's all you have to focus on. Good luck to you in all you endeavor! You'll make a great nurse, since you alreadyknow how to multi-task so well! And good luck with school---OB was sooo hard for me. I had OB and Psych together last spring and it was something I just did not enjoy. The questions on tests were abstract and so subjective---it took a lot of intuition, like there was no clear right answer. After I take the NCLex, those will be two areas I hope to forget completely! This semester, I have Peds and more Med Surg.

After graduation, I too am considering going on a much needed vacation to hawaii with the DH. We'll see what happens.:)

To RN2Be----You go girl (?)! It takes a lot of courage to do something that is not done too often. I'm sure you will blessed. So you have graduation pictures at your school? I'm so jealous! :)We have nothing like that at my school. You know, if we did, I think I would want a picture with me in a nice nurse's cap (let me be quiet, before I get flammed!).

Anyway, to the rest of 2004----Good luck this year! Study hard! I hope to see all of you in the graduate nurse's forum next summer!Later

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Oh! And I fogot to say, after graduation, I hope to work in ICU for a couple of years and then continue on to CRNA school.


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I was excited to come back this fall and have had a smile on my face non-stop.:) I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is so exciting.

It's also a little surreal to think that one year from now we will be "real" nurses! :eek: And I am not sure exactly what I want to do. I know I want peds, but am hoping that after my current rotation (NICU and PICU), I will know for sure.

Good luck to everyone---we're almost there!!!:D

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Wow thanks for the compliments! I have heard OB is ALOT of information, but I know I will pass I just may have to live on caffiene from coffee for many many nights! I am with ya on the cap....I went and got one from a local nursing uniforms store and I think they look great. If they will allow me, I will wear it in my graduation pics. Our school takes them a displayes them in a huge 8 by 6 frame for each graduating class of 60 of less. They have one up from every year. One of our instructors is in one for c/o 84...its so cool. Anyway good luck everyone!


This is my first "real" graduation as well. I dropped out in 11th grade because I was Stupid! lol I dont know what I was thinking, i had such good grades in school. I guess I just wanted to hang out with my freinds too much. (can we say I was a bit of a PUNK in school?) I changed my mind a few weeks later but it was already too late because I went and took ,my GED the week after I dropped out. I went striaght to college and started on some pre req's. Then stopped because I found myself 19 with 2 kids and needing an income to supplement our household. So now I am so happy to be back at 25 with a 5 and 6 year old boys. I don't know if I am looking forward to my gradation ceremony as much as my pinning ceremony though. Thats what I really care about.


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Well, right here of course. Sitting in front of when I am supposed to be finishing my peds process paper. I spend so much time with Erikson he oughta move in with me.


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may 2004 is my expected graduation month and year too! i can hardly wait and if it is god's will, i will make it!


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June 2004 here - God willing. Oh, it can't get here soon enough! School hasn't even resumed yet, one week left until Fall term starts on Sept 29. Boy, some of you started school early way back in August!


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