Choosing PMHNP program


Assuming acceptance into all of the schools I applied to (I doubt it lol but fingers crossed anyway!!), how do you make your decision about which one to go to??

All of the schools are online and I have to find my preceptor for all of them.

The tuition pretty much ranges from $20,000- $40,000 for the entire program, not including books, out of state travel, etc.

Most of the schools are state universities so I think most of their reputations are ok.

Do you narrow it by cost? Or by location? How did any of you narrow down which program to go to?

University of North Dakota

University of Southern Alabama (heard some bad things on here about this program)

University of Alabama Birmingham

Eastern Kentucky University

Wilkes University (not responsive to phone calls/emails so far)

Drexel University (most expensive one)

St Louis University

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anyone? anyone? Bueller? :eek:

Jules A, MSN

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Quickest and cheapest in that order would be my choice.

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I agree with JulesA. I am finding that in my program a lot of learning is in clinical and self directed as far as the psych component. Also make sure your state accepts online schools. As far as preceptors BE SURE you can get good ones ahead of committing to school.


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Of your list the one I've heard the best things about is University of ND. Quick and cheap is good, but also make sure they offer both a general pharm course AND a psychopharm course. You want to be really well versed in this area. But, yes, most learning occurs in clinical so nail that part down early and choose preceptors who are really good.


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I don't like Drexel or a few of the schools that fall in line with Drexel. They take on everyone and like dung thrown at a wall if it sticks they graduate. I had two nurses who failed out of nursing school and reaccepted into then be accepted to Msn-DNP programs. Right away, I looked down on those schools.

I personally went with EKU due their passing rate on the boards and its a "real" school. Other benifit was I don't have to fly anywhere at any point which can be EXPENSIVE. I know people that drive to california for their school once a month and another who flys from Vegas to somewhere back east which can be 1200 easily each time.

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I am surprised to hear that about Drexel! I thought they had a great local reputation? I have heard from several NP's that it is a very good school. Now you have me rethinking that lol.

How are you liking EKU?


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Did you end up getting accepted to any of the schools? Have you started yet?

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Yes I got accepted everywhere I applied. I started at EKU because it was a summer start and I was eager to get started. I took Advanced Patho there. Then I decided to go to Wilkes (because my future preceptor already has an agreement with them) and my Patho transferred in. So I'm there now and it's going well so far.


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I was just accepted to psy np program at Wilkes university. Please tell me about your experience there. I am scared to start being a student.

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So far so good. I know some people are struggling but that is because they are taking patho and adv. health assessment at the same time...challenging! I am doing well so far. It's a lot of work but I knew that it would be!


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Thank you very much for your input. Can you tell me the name of the books patho and adv. health assessment? I still have two months to go to school. I am scared to go back to school.