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  1. B_rac777

    Honest review of EKU PMHNP??

    I just started Grad school this fall. I applied to EKU and a bunch of other schools. In my research including DMs with people here, it seems that EKU is not an "easy" program, and the person I spoke with on DM stated that the staff didn't have much sympathy in regards to helping students that were struggling with family issues etc... I didn't end up going with EKU because I was not accepted for admittance into the PMHNP program, but I probably wasn't going to accept if I had got any offer just based on the reviews. I'm not advocating one school over another but I went with a private school, they cost more but generally they are going to be much more likely to work with struggling students. Also, a big factor in choosing was board pass rates, EKU I believe has 90% or 95% pass rate, which is strong and means the program prepares students for the board.
  2. I know they just started a new program at UNR. It looks like a good program, on the phone they told me it is a hybrid program with a visit scheduled currently 1 time per month. I tried to ask if they were flexible on this requirement and I was told that at the current time they are not but may be in the future. Anyone here attending or have any other information about the program?
  3. B_rac777

    Psy np program in Wilkes university

    Does Wilkes assist with clinical placements or is it completely on the student to find clinicals?
  4. B_rac777

    Part-Time NP Programs: Opinions?

    Exactly baby boomers are just getting older and older. The old model of training an MD over a period of 12 years is not going to work in the future. Nurse Practitioners are the future of healthcare, can train a high school graduate into a nurse practitioner in 6-8 years.
  5. B_rac777

    PMHNP exam

    What did your friend use to prepare? Did they do an online or B an M school?
  6. I have to say I disagree with this statement. While a DNP would make you more competitive and likely to be selected. DNP is not a requirement, MSN isn't even a requirement. Straight from the Air Force website: "Minimum Education Requirement: bachelor's or master's degree in nursing from a school accredited by the NLN or CCNE" The most important thing is that you have the ANCC license. So choose a good school that has a high board pass rate. Once you are licensed and practicing you can always go back for your DNP.
  7. B_rac777

    How many schools did you apply to?

    I plan to apply to 3-4 schools for PMHNP.
  8. B_rac777

    University of South Alabama Review - Dual FNP/AG-ACNP

    Yeah would love it if someone who is currently in a program at USA or finishing to give us all a review. I've heard many bad things about the school. Just looking for something recent.
  9. B_rac777

    Azusa ELM Summer 2016

    Is this program online at all?
  10. B_rac777

    Is this normal for pathophysiology

    So are all the grad classes like patho where the instructors aren't doing much teaching, just assigning readings and discussions? Or is it just because patho has so much material? I'm mainly asking this because I'm looking for a grad program where the instructors are doing video lectures and still doing teaching, not just assigning readings.
  11. B_rac777

    Drexel PMHNP 2014

    Can I PM you Bigerk60? I have some questions about Drexel. Thanks in advance.
  12. B_rac777

    APU PMHNP Fall 2015

    Is this an online program?
  13. B_rac777

    Is this normal for pathophysiology

    What school are you in? What is your program? I'm currently looking at online programs and I'm trying to find a good program and avoid this type of teaching. Just because a class is online doesn't mean that the instructor shouldn't teach or do power points/video lectures.
  14. B_rac777

    University of South Alabama FNP program

    Do the instructors have power points or video lectures at all or is it completely, "Read these chapters, good luck"?
  15. B_rac777

    University of South Alabama

    Any current students or recent grads that have any information they would be willing to share about the NP programs at USA?