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  1. Honest review of EKU PMHNP??

    I just started Grad school this fall. I applied to EKU and a bunch of other schools. In my research including DMs with people here, it seems that EKU is not an "easy" program, and the person I spoke with on DM stated that the staff didn't have much...
  2. Drexel FNP program 2016-17

    I'm starting the PMHNP program this September. I'm nervous but from what I've been told by others in the Drexel PMHNP program it is a very doable program.
  3. Tips prior to starting DNP/FNP program!

    Thanks so much for the suggestion, I never really thought of using software for the formatting!
  4. Tips prior to starting DNP/FNP program!

    Can you recomend a software package, or PM me a good recommendation, please?
  5. Tips prior to starting DNP/FNP program!

    I'm starting school this fall as well, would love if you could PM me or post your method in this thread! Thanks!
  6. PMHNP- Drexel or EKU

    I'm planning to work full time. We'll see how it goes, I think most of these programs are designed to be part time so a person can still work 36 hours a week and attend.
  7. New Grad Job Market PMHNP

    My take on psych NP vs psych RN. Currently at my job once I top out at the payscale + holiday pay and some overtime I would make just about the same thing as the psych NPs that work here make. The difference is the work schedule and quality of life...
  8. Drexel NP anyone?

    I got accepted to their PMHNP program starting this fall. I'm really excited about it. I was accepted to a few schools but I am going with Drexel because it has a good reputation and board pass rate is 100%. I spoke to someone who is in the Drexel...
  9. PMHNP- Drexel or EKU

    I ended up applying for several schools, got accepted to 3 and rejected by EKU. They wouldn't give me an explanation as to why I was rejected. I think i'm going to go ahead and start at Drexel it's a very respectable university and has a long histo...
  10. 4 traffic tickets in 1 day

    Live in Las Vegas. We have a ton of attorneys that do this kind of stuff. When I say $50 I mean their fee is $50, you still have to pay whatever the fine would have been and I assume the attorney gets to keep that as well. Traffic Tickets | Craig P...
  11. 4 traffic tickets in 1 day

    Don't worry about any of this. Find an attorney's office that handles traffic tickets. Usually for $50 or less they will get the thing outright taken care of or at least reduced down to a parking ticket with no points.
  12. Why is finding a preceptor so blahblah difficult!

    Can people add schools that they know find preceptors for students, or provide real assistance. UNR is semi online requires 1 visit per month, finds preceptor sites. Has PMNHP and Gero.
  13. PMHNP- Drexel or EKU

    Anyone have any input? I'm applying to both schools not sure if I will be accepted to both, but I'm not sure which one to go with. Drexel costs a bit more even with affiliate discount, but I would be willing to pay the extra cost if the education i...
  14. Walden University students

    I think some of the full time programs are done in 3-4 semesters, so a year and some change I would think.
  15. Thinking of dropping Nursing school and doing Pre-Med

    I went to a pretty hardcore nursing school with 100% nclex pass rate. I don't think med school was much harder than what we did, just longer, 4 years instead of 2 years.