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Hi all -

Just finished my chemistry coarse - going into it with NO KNOWLEDGE found it very trying and difficult thinking I was going to fail - I am happy to say that I got an A- :yeah:

UNREAL people - if I can do it so can all of you!! Keep the faith!

How did you succeed in Chem without any prior knowledge to it? I'm having trouble with it. Any helpful strategies?

Tweety, BSN, RN

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How could you possibly think you were going to fail and then make an A-???


Most of the people that took this coarse has had some prior knowledge from either another class prior (bio) or retaking this class again. I was not one of them.

Overall I had difficulty in understanding the concepts. As I am not an "engineering"type rather a Psych major. Thus being very challenging. I found out mid way through that I was at an F status. My quizes were very poor. What I did was purchase cliff notes, did lots of index cards, asked more questions in class as it was clear I did not getting it, read more, set aside 15 hours additional time per week to do more homework to help me. My last attept was to get a tutor. I did not though. I also have a husband who was amazingly supportive and helpful to make me through. Without him I still feel I wouldnt have passed.

With my final I aced the exam. I pulled my grade way up. I think you know yourself best and with that you will know what you must do to excel in this coarse.

I too am not wired towards science, my strengths are in other areas but if nursing is your goal you must do what you need to do to get through it.

I hope this helps and you can do ANYTHING in life once you set your mind to it and make it a top priority.

Be patient with yourself, know yourself, stay focused and start studying!!



Great....I am starting Che tomorrow. I do not know what to think. I will follow your aproach...Study extra time, get flash cards and all the other helpful stuff.....We will see at the end...Good luck to you!

Pixiesmom, BSN, RN

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Congrats on you well earned and deserved A-!

I just started Chemistry and had my first lab today it was so much fun!

In my chem intro video (taking it online) the instructor said that we'd do well if we studied just one hour every day. I'm up to the third lesson plan and have well exceeded the one hour a day advice.

So far I think I'm doing/learning well. Invest a whooooole lot of time and buy stock in an index card company, that's my advice. :wink2:


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Congratulations to you Angela! Good job! :D

we are proud of you. Yes, i am serious.

Thanks to all of you and your kind words. Onward and upwards they say. I will be starting another class next week.

Good fortune to all of you who are taking Chemistry and remember you CAN do it!


My Chem class starts next week. I have lecture and lab on the same night, so I only go once a week. Plenty of leftover time to study. I have purchased the books already so I can read up on it before class starts. I also bought a Chemistry made easy book, and I bought a digital voice recorder to tape the lectures. But none of this would be necessary had I not screwed around in high school and gotten a D in Chemistry then (my college requires a C or better in high school Chem, Bio, and Algebra as a pre-requisite to other pre-reqs such as A&P and Micro). I figure since I have to wait until next fall for nursing, I might as well work hard and get all As in my re-reqs!

Thanks to all of you and your kind words. Onward and upwards they say. I will be starting another class next week.

Good fortune to all of you who are taking Chemistry and remember you CAN do it!


Hi Angela. did you just have Chem opr did you have other classes with it? Because I have Chem (I'm completely oblivious in class & lab) , Anatomy, and math.


I am taking it this semester after 15 years of high school, and it's going fairly well for me. I have an English degree so this is foreign. I just sit down and copy the notes every night after lecture, make sure to memorize the terms, and am practicing the math. I am only 2 weeks into it. It's a struggle but I think if I work hard I will do okay.

My teacher also said to study about one hour a day. I study more like 2 a day but that's because I don't memorize very easily and have to drill myself over and over. My husband has a chem engineering degree and is helping me with the math problems and to understand the basic concepts better.

Here's what worked for me: I kept telling myself to forget all the things I had heard about Chem back in High School and beyond...and that I would really enjoy understanding it finally. Its like I brainwashed myself (some women are still conditioned to think of Chemistry as really hard, although that's rapidly changing) and guess what...it worked! I actually DID enjoy it and was shocked about that, and I swear that telling myself that it would be interesting and not hard really worked (as corny as this sounds). Seems like once I purposely relaxed my brain, my thoughts were more open to the knowledge presented and I surprised myself with doing well in it. (Wish I could say the same about Physics- but I can't!) Best of luck to you!


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