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  1. AZmom

    Any ideas on how to finance a 2nd degree?

    1. Do you own a home you can pull some equity out of? 2. If you rent, find a cheaper place to live once your lease is up. 3. Does your college offer scholarships or grants?
  2. AZmom

    On-Line Classes through WI Tech Schools

    How do you like A&P through Moraine Park? Are the exams proctored? What kind of labs are there -- are they all done over the computer? I need to take it soon, and it's looking like online may be my only option. The two schools nearest me offer very little online.
  3. AZmom

    WI tech colleges -- do credits expire?

    Thanks everyone. I guess they hadn't worked through all my transcripts when they sent me the notice out. Everything I wanted to transfer did (mostly the general stuff). Whew! My Chem is only good for 5 years from my application date, but thankfully that course is only a few years old so I'll be good there.
  4. AZmom

    Apache Junction Nursing Program?

    I moved from AJ a year and a half ago and now live in WI, but I recall even back then, there was talk of opening up a nursing program at the AJ campus. I'd give them a call and see if that's come to fruition. Could be...
  5. AZmom

    CHM 130 on RIO advice?

    I took Chm130 through Rio a few years back and earned an A. However I didn't work (SAHM to four preschoolers) so had the time to devote to it.....somewhat, lol. I spent 20+ hours each week on the course, and it was my only course. It helped tremendously that I am excellent at math. In fact, it is crucial, I would say, to learning it on your own. If you aren't good with math, I would highly suggest taking the course in person.
  6. AZmom

    Anatomy and Physiology I online? Ever Done it?

    Rio doesn't have a very good reputation in regards to A&P, from what I've read here. I lasted about a week before dropping. I agree with others -- Rio really drops the ball on this course. That said, they are GREAT for many other courses. Just not A&P.
  7. AZmom

    I need Psychology 101 HELP!!! Rio Salado

    I began to take it there a few years back and dropped. I felt the professor wasn't very helpful and the course was a joke as far as learning anything. I'd taken CHEM through Rio previously, learned a lot, and managed to earn an A. Didn't feel I could even earn an A with Psych -- grading was so much a matter of perspective -- the professor's -- as it is (or was) largely earned through essays. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  8. I received my transcript evaluation from FVTC the other day, and only 3 courses seemed to transfer (only one of them applicable to the nursing program: SOC 101). I have a BA from UWM (obviously 120+ credits) earned 10+ years ago. My English (I took several courses), Speech, math (I had two semesters of Calc) all should have transferred, IMO. Anyone know -- do these expire? What about NWTC or LTC -- do they expire there? Any way to get them waived if that is the case, and at no or very low cost? I'm not eager to drop down more money on retaking these courses when honestly I don't feel I should have to. I'll barely be able to finance the nursing program alone. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  9. AZmom

    Healthcare CPR training...

    The AJ Fire Department offers it the first Saturday of every month I believe. There are also a few programs in East Mesa. A friend of mine mentioned......Heartsavers? I honestly don't remember if that was the name or not, but it was in East Mesa and they offered classes all the time.
  10. AZmom

    Apollo Nursing School

    For some reason I'm thinking it's a very new program. I don't believe they've even had a graduating class yet; perhaps they haven't even started a class yet.
  11. AZmom

    Anyone taken or taking Bio 201 online at Rio Salado??

    Wanted to add.....Multi, I think you just convinced me to not attempt Micro through Rio. I'm going to see if/how I can work it into Spring semester, or sometime thereafter even if it takes me longer. I just received the text, so I can study ahead. The subject matter looks interesting, and I think the in-person labs will really aid my understanding.
  12. AZmom

    Anyone taken or taking Bio 201 online at Rio Salado??

    I started BIO201 at Rio, but dropped it two lessons in. It was just too difficult (and I had taken an online science before, so it wasn't that). Too much concentration on the piddliest of details, so much so that I felt I might lose myself in the details and walk away not knowing a darn thing about the big picture, if you know what I mean. The testing was awkward. I actually entered into the first homework/quiz not knowing that it was timed, and I wasn't ready for that! The course also relied heavily on what was in the book, with little other direction given, unlike my previous online course. Like I said, I dropped and took it in a classroom instead. MUCH better experience. Perhaps for me, for this particular course, I just learn better in a classroom setting. Having pictures explained to me, often accompanied by a story of how it relates to the real world......it just makes it easier for me to learn, and more fun.
  13. AZmom

    Help! Any CNA Classes under $500?!?

    If money is tight and you are willing to slow it down a bit, you can get a much better break on your tuition. By taking 7 credits or less through MCCCD you can be classified as an unclassified student, and you pay........gosh, I forget, but it's only a little over the instate tuition ($65/credit). It's ONLY once you go over 7 credits that they must classify you, and as out of state, and then you get hit with the $250+/credit that you're seeing. Or, take your 7 credits through MCCCD and find somewhere else with cheaper tuition to take your remaining 7. Out of state, I mean. I was reading at my sister's school in WI (Fox Valley Tech) that out of state tuition for INTERNET classes at her school is the same as their instate tuition for internet classes (a little over $100/credit there). Beats $250. I'm not saying to go there necessarily, but maybe try and find an out of state school which offers internet classes (if that's something you feel you could hack) at a reasonable cost. FTR, what isn't allowed is to take 7 credits at two different community colleges or universities in Arizona to get around the unclassified classification and rate hike, so that wouldn't work. I'd heard that the RC doesn't offer them anymore, but I'm not 100% positive either. Pima Medical Institute in Mesa offers a CNA course for $1000. 5-6 week programs. Includes books, uniform, tuition, CPR iirc, just about everything except maybe the physical, immunizations, etc. Medical Services Company in Scottsdale: $750. That's what I have written in my notes; sorry don't know much more about them than that. Shanti in Phoenix is said to sometimes offer the course free/reduced. I believe you have to meet their income guidelines, so not sure if you'd qualify or not.
  14. AZmom

    please help with location...

    I'm not sure you will be able to find what you're looking for out here. At least not in the Valley. Some of the smaller, non-metro towns have character, if that's something you'd consider. I'm a former Wisconsinite myself, born and raised there. And I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. I have the same gripes about Arizona -- all strip malls, new new new, and the food sucks. I really miss the food. Even the grocery stores out here aren't the same -- no variety. Sorry to sound negative. I've been here for gosh, seven years now, and I'm still not a fan of the place......so bear that in mind. You can find pockets of charm out here, but I don't know of any place which has it in any abundance (and is a safe neighborhood). We've lived in the far east valley this whole time. It started out as a semi-podunk little town, with some (pretty hokey, in my opinion) "charm" and even that now is gone, replaced by strip malls and chain restaurants serving bad food. OTOH, there's the weather! Back in WI I could spend all winter with a nasty cold, only to be plagued with horrible allergies during the Spring and Fall. Here, I'm hardly ever sick like that. Weather is gorgeous 8 months out of the year (and hellish those 4 summer months).
  15. From what "they" say, it should be very difficult, but doable if you put your mind to it. It'll also go better for you if you're not working. We can't comment on instructors here, but can on courses. I started the Friday Gateway A&P class this past semester. (I had to drop it 1/3 way in because I got pretty sick, hospitalized, all that.) My only complaint was that the lab was scheduled before the lecture, making it just......not so efficient. It was doable and all, but not ideal, had to do a lot of backtrack learning. This upcoming Fall semester I had to find a Saturday A&P course, so I chose the one through Phoenix College in part because they offer the lecture first, then the lab whereas GW does it lab first, then lecture (they have limited lab space, which is why the crumby setup for some sections). Back to Gateway.....I found the program setup a good one. Even though the teachers are different they have a universal guide they have to sort of go by. We got to drop one lecture quiz, one lecture exam, one lab quiz, and one lab practical. Instructors make up their own testing for everything except the Final, which is standard for all sections of BIO201. Oh, and their lab manual is standard among all the sections too.

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