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Hi guys I applied to charity for the fall of next year and am waiting on the letter. i am so nervous i dont know what am gonna do if i dont get in. I have thought about other choices like LSU and OLOL EJ . I really want to go to charity but competition is high. I have a bachelors degree so i know they give 10 extra points i have overall gpa of 3.5 and on the nursing curriculum a 3.4. I got a 78 on the teas which is not that great. i have all the courses except a&p 2 and micro which am taking next semester. anyone who is in the program can tell me if they know people like me by chance that didnt have all the classes completed? my head cant stop thinking about this. please help this is a little depressing

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thank u fairandbalancedl!!!!! I had some questions... after you got your acceptance letter when you applied how long did it take for you to get other papers like for orientation and stuff. I signed some papers of acceptance into the program today but how long do i have to wait to hear from them again? i mean i feel like i cant trust and be behind them you know...

Gosh, Kubana87, it has been a while. If I remember correctly, it wasn't too terribly long. A few weeks maybe? If you received your acceptance letter in the mail then I wouldn't worry too too much. That means that they have the correct address....not to imply you wrote it down wrong, but that they could have transposed some numbers etc. I wouldn't put much past them. Back in the day, Charity was the shizzzz! Unfortunately it is the Delgado end of it that is doggone pathetic. I have had very few (in fact I can think of only two) competant people affiliated with Delgado (city park) My advisor NEVER gave me the correct advice, could never get her on the phone, never returned calls etc. I hear, and I hope it is true, even though Charity is technically delgado, the teachers and aministrators affiliated with Charity are good, interested, concerned people that truly are interested in your success. THANKS BE TO.....

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well the thing that happen first was that i got a denial letter bc they i went there..and they said they made a mistake...and accepted me into the program!!! i singed some papers saying that i got into the program. I was asking just bc i dont trust this people and how long i would expect some kind of letter or thing for the program

I read your story. Amazing and I am so happy things worked out for you. Noone is really going to look out for you. We are all "big girls" now. Time to get your big girl pants on. You really need to stay on it. Look out for yourself. I wouldn't worry about bugging them. Call and say you want to be sure they have your correct address because you recently moved. Ask them to read it back to you. That way there are no mistakes. Squeaky wheel!


You're awesome, sort of like a little nursing school cheerleader :) I just missed the cut, I have a 50 and the cut-off was 55, so I'm on the alternate list. They had my score at a 40, but corrected it when I asked about it. Should I call at the end of the spring semester to make sure they don't forget about me? I'm a little worried that they didn't fix my score, especially since they messed up more than one person's profile score.

They are notorious for mistakes. I absolutely would call them. Don't give up. It is amazing how many people decide not to go....pregnancy, divorce, money issues, a change of heart, relocation etc. You would be surprised. And, there is no deadline when you are on the waitlist. It could be a week before the program starts when you get the call. It is like the gotta be ready to go when they call. Do not give up hope. Hope is our best friend. Just get your ducks in a row, plan on going thru with your alternate plan, and if they happen to call jump on it. I would touch base with them every now and then. It can't hurt.

Should I retake the TEAS to try to improve my score, just in case I don't get accepted from the alternate list? I got an 81.2% the first time, w/o any studying; I just took the two online practice tests that were on the ATI website. I'm pretty sure that I could do a lot better if I were to study, and that is a possible increase of up to 15 points. I am already registered in the A&P II lab for the spring semester, so that will give me the 5 points that I was missing this time. I'm just not sure if taking the TEAS again would be worth it (especially since it will cost another $50).

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i think you should apply again but thats a good TEAS score but if you think you can do better take it. If i was you I would take some classes to maybe improve the gpa. But in any case if your on the waiting list you might get in bc i heard someone in another post that for the january class they had alot of empty spots and am sure they would be calling those people that were on the waiting list. Just make sure they dont forget about you. I dont know how much time they gave people to accept going into the program but i know in other schools they give a week. So some people might forget to turn in or might decide that they dont want to do it for whatever reason. I would call in two weeks and see you never know. With this people you have to make yourself known.....i guess

I just sent another email asking them to reconsider my application. The only reason I didn't get accepted is b/c I was missing 5 points. The reason I'm missing the 5 points is b/c I couldn't get into an A&P II lab b/c they were all full. I've already taken both of my A&P's with the labs, but they are 5 1/2 and 6 years old. So the reason I wasn't accepted was not b/c I'm not good enough, but b/c of the regulations that are in place. Not that there is anything wrong with that, b/c rules are rules, but it's kind of a stupid reason to not get accepted. I probably sound desperate to them, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I am reapplying for the Spring, but would love it if I could start in the Fall. I can't retake classes b/c I have all A's and B's, they won't let you repeat a class unless you have a C or lower. After this semester is over my profile score will be 70, but it could possibly be 85 depending on a my new TEAS score. I guess we'll see :)

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well like i said if they think your desperate then thats good because they see you really want it. and like i told you alot people might not accept going into the program now or later on. And if its not for the fall you can go in for the spring. I was supposed to go into the LSU program in January but i drop chemistry in the summer i was really sad but look now am going into the Charity program and Ill be a nurse sooner. Things happen for a reason i guess.....

I still have not received anything, I think I will check into this later on this moning when they open. Congratulations to those who got accepted!!!


S/w advisor, guess what????? They calculated my GPA incorrectly (actually Delgado had 2 missing classes from transcript that transferred in), so she did my profile score right over the phone & it was 55!!! I'm accepted!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!! (I still have to call delgado to check on 1 class CNS said delgado did not transfer in & I will have to take before school starts, but I took it 20 yrs ago from my degree, so we will work it out)!! I don't care, I'm accepted!!!!!!!!! I would not have questioned it if I had not read everyone's responses here about the mistakes, nor would I have believed so many errors occured, (THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO POSTED YOUR EXPERIENCES) but I am here to tell you, call to have them help you re-check your profile score. They are very helpful!! Now, I'm scared. Only my friends & family have an idea how much effort I have put into this for the past few years applying to get into school. My Sciences were on the 5yr time limit as of 2011. I am just over 40yrs old & thought I will collect medicare before I get into school! LOL.... I actually cried!! Go figure it would ever happen. I didn't have a plan B, so this is all I wanted! Don't give up!!!

Now, I keep asking myself, what am I going to do?? I have to find someplace to live...ooohhhhhh I'm excited & scared all at the same time. I was told they are going to mail my my packet, so when I have it in my hand, I think it will be real to me. Keep fingers crossed!!

Now, here come the questions for current students.....Do you attend 5 days a week in the beginning? When you start clinicals, is it still a 5 day week?

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