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Hi guys I applied to charity for the fall of next year and am waiting on the letter. i am so nervous i dont know what am gonna do if i dont get in. I have thought about other choices like LSU and OLOL EJ . I really want to go to charity but competition is high. I have a bachelors degree so i know they give 10 extra points i have overall gpa of 3.5 and on the nursing curriculum a 3.4. I got a 78 on the teas which is not that great. i have all the courses except a&p 2 and micro which am taking next semester. anyone who is in the program can tell me if they know people like me by chance that didnt have all the classes completed? my head cant stop thinking about this. please help this is a little depressing

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Omg am in I got accepted!! They gave me a 50 but I had a 65!!! I sign the papers already so exited can't wait to start!!! After all I cried yesterday!!! Don't give up people fight for your things!!! Goodluck to everyone!!!

I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!! Hopefully, I will make it in from the alternate list. I'm really so happy for you!!!! Good luck and congratulations!!!!

I calculated it as 55 but idk what they calculated it do I find out?

Did you use the profile sheet in the bulletin on the website? You can call or go to the admissions office and ask what your profile score is.

yes I used the one in the bulletin online. everytime I call admissions the pjone keeps ringing only to get the vmail...

Is there an email address on the letter that was sent to you? That is who I emailed.

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My score was calculated wrong, YAYYYYY!!!! They had me at a 40, but I really have a 50. I gave myself 10 points for being enrolled in A&P II, but only got 5 b/c I am not enrolled in the lab (it's next to impossible to get into a lab on the northshore campus)...
Good news that there is still hope after all! It's crazy that the lack of that lab which DCC only gives 1 credit for drops your score that much.

Omg am in I got accepted!! They gave me a 50 but I had a 65!!!...
Great news! Congrats!

I must say, along with FairAndBalanced's story, it's kinda disappointing that the admissions office isn't more accurate in calculating these scores when people's dreams and careers hang in the balance.

Hi all,

I also applied to Charity for fall 2011 and got my denial letter yesterday! I was shocked because I calculated my profile score and thought for sure I'd get in. I made an 83 on the TEAS and have all the prereqs done including general ed except a&p2. Does anyone have the email address to the admission dept because I'd like to appeal this decison...I forgot to mention I'm a senior at Tulane University,graduating in may 2011, which should say something about my quality as a student. I'm so disappointed...:(

Looks like your best bet is to make a personal appearance. It worked for these ladies. It's not as easy to blow someone off face-to-face. Good luck!
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hi guys i went to charity today early in the morning i talk to some lady and she talked to (moderator edit of name - per tos please do not post names of those in your nursing program - thank you) and they didn't give me the points for my bachelors degree and the right points for my gpa!!! they said we are so sorry!! they said you are in and they gave the papers to sign!!! i am so happy!!! goodluck everyone


Congrats! I'm still waiting to hear from someone I emailed. How did they mess up with your GPA?

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They didn't give the right points for my gpa!!! They gave me 10 points instead of 15!! And they didn't give 10 points for my bachelors degree!! So that's 15 points less wow!!! Omg she went and told the other lady I can't believe someone made this mistake !! I singed the papers accepting to go to charity!!! But am calling next week to make sure they have everything on the computer it looks like you have to make sure of everything there!!!

I also got an email response and was told that my score was 50 but cut off was 55 have to wait for pull up list they won't know until Spring or Summer...what fun to wait

I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT!!! CONGRATULATIONS! The admissions board is "old". Some of the members of the board really need to be retired. Just think of how many people DON'T question their scores....and they just accept the denial letter, broken hearted and all. Actually it makes me angry. There should be some sort of check and balance system. I am very happy for you girls. There is a lot left to do. Start looking around for , cpr courses, think about the meds you are on and decide if you really need to be on them, gather up info on any arrests you may have had (from dui to drug possession), line up a visit with your Dr. and start on your hepatitis vaccines NOW, etc etc. There is a lot left to do!

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