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Hi guys I applied to charity for the fall of next year and am waiting on the letter. i am so nervous i dont know what am gonna do if i dont get in. I have thought about other choices like LSU and OLOL EJ . I really want to go to charity but competition is high. I have a bachelors degree so i know they give 10 extra points i have overall gpa of 3.5 and on the nursing curriculum a 3.4. I got a 78 on the teas which is not that great. i have all the courses except a&p 2 and micro which am taking next semester. anyone who is in the program can tell me if they know people like me by chance that didnt have all the classes completed? my head cant stop thinking about this. please help this is a little depressing

It really doesn't sound like you are in bad shape but the admission folks at Charity are the ones who can really tell you how you stand. Did you figure out your total score on the assessment sheet? Do you think you can bring the TEAS score up (as that is a quick way to get extra points)?

If worse comes to worse and you aren't accepted in the Fall, you will be in even better shape for the Spring because you'll have all of the pre-reqs done and that is worth more points! :)

FWIW, I still needed the same classes as you when I applied so you are not the only person in that boat.

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omg thank you for your advice i think i have between a 65 and a 75 right now they have two different forms so thats how i did my calculations. they have one that says of a person for example profile score of 70 and its says recommended. but i mean do you know how many people they accept per class? am sure there alot of people with 70s am just wondering i know they pick the highest score what do they do if they have like 1 open and they have like 3 people with a score of 70??? am trying to think of all possible scenarios. I guess i just have to wait if not am gonna apply to Lsu and see what happens and apply for the following semester for charity. omg but if tht letter says am not accepeted its gonna be the worst christmas ;-(. Ill let you know thanks for your advice.

Hey Kubana87,

I was applying to the RN program last year. Went at took my TEAS and was planning on heading straight over to Charity right after the test to turn in my paperwork.....and guess what? I Failed the TEAS!

You are doing great. Your GPA is pretty good and you have good points on the profile score. Have faith that you will make it in. Like the other post said, if you don't get will be better off the next time after completing ALL of the requirements....more points!

Keep the faith and don't stress...things will fall into place. I ended up applying to the LPN program and got in. Doing great....A's & B's! I have skills check off's on Monday and then clinicals. It wasn't the route I had planned but after crying for 4 months (about the TEAS), I picked myself together and tried plan B. I am lucky to already have a job at EJGH so its a big help at school and a foot in the door!

Good luck, don't hard and you won't be denied what you deserve!

I am beginning Chairty in January. You will have no problem getting in. Most people do not have all of their pre reqs when they apply, but will be finished with them by the time the program starts. I think your TEAS scores are fine. Retaking it is a bit risky because they will take the latest score, not the highest one. The cut off for our class was 55. They took 250 students. Getting your acceptance letter is the beginning of the hoop jumping. There are many other things that you need to do before you actually begin. A CPR class for one. Full disclosure of all meds that you take with a letter from your physician is another. Good luck and stay the course. You will absolutely be accepted.

You're scores a lot better then mines. i have a 3.0 delgado gpa with a 3.3 for the nursing curriculum. I scored a 78 on my teas. i finished all my pre-reqs. My profile score is a 50 because I dont have any bachelors degree and I had a lot of drops and withdraws the last couple years so I didnt get any points for that. I talked to a lady at admissions and she said for fall 2010 the cut off was at 55, which was the highest cutoff since she been there. I'm hoping this years cutoff is at 50 because it would be my 3rd time getting denied. She also told me that even though the cutoff was at 55, some people with 50s made it in because of the vacant spots left by those who chose not to go for whatever reason.

Im hoping i have a slight edge over some of the other applicants because i been denied previous times and im slowly improving my scores. I wonder if they even look at that kind of stuff? ahhhhhhh im so stressed out!!

Good luck to you by the way and i hope we both get in!

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@Rn hopeful thank you for making me feel better ;-) you so lucky to have a job at the EJ thats my plan after i graduate because they pay better and its like 3 blocks from my house ;-) thank you and i have soooo much faith ;-)


OMg thats awesome that your already in i wish i was in your shoes ;-) by the way you made me feel so much better telling the cutoff numbers ... i dont any of this stuff bc i am at UNO right now so I dont know anything thats going on and all that stuff. I been checking that mailbox everyday lol even though the letter its not suppose to come till mid december. Goodluck in school and hopefully ill see you around Charity ;-)


Girl never stop trying hopefully we both get that letter of acceptance. i know that when people reject the acceptance those that didnt get in they get another letter. we can't loose our hope

well guys thanks for the advice i will let yall know once i get that letter what happens ;-) faith faith ;-)

When you guys say the cut-off is 50/55, do you mean that they do not look at applicants with lower scores, or that 50/55 was the score of the last people who were accepted? I have a 55, and I am already awaiting a denial. I previously applied to BRCC, and didn't get accepted b/c I have not taken any classes there. For admission to BRCC, I have a 3.75, all pre-reqs completed, and a 91 on the HESI; it was very discouraging to be denied simply b/c I have not taken classes there. I then applied to LSU, and was denied there as well b/c I got a D and an F in English 1157 @ UNO in 1997. I received amnesty on those grades in 2003 and have done very well, but it doesn't matter b/c the amnesty does not transfer to LSUHSC. So, I'm sure that you guys understand my apprehension towards any excitement as far as CSN is concerned. Good luck to everyone awaiting an acceptance letter.

RN2B12, I don't know when you applied to enter but I do know that there are STILL a few slots open for the coming semester!

Edit: So I'm saying, don't give up hope and write it off. Likely your odds are very good at getting accepted.

I applied to start in the Fall semester of 2011. I am finishing up my general education classes at DCC this semester. I was missing the Fine Arts elective, and I needed to retake A&P II with the lab b/c it's 6 years old. I understand the requirement of A&P II not being older than 5 years, but it's pretty frustrating. I got a B/A the first time around; now I have 2 small children, so it's a little more difficult for me. It is good preparation for the type of time-managment skills I will need once I start nursing school.

RN2B12, I don't know when you applied to enter but I do know that there are STILL a few slots open for the coming semester!

Edit: So I'm saying, don't give up hope and write it off. Likely your odds are very good at getting accepted.

Thanks :) What do they do to fill those empty spots? Do they offer them to the next starting class (i.e. asking applicants from Fall 2011 to start Spring 2011)? If so, how is the selection made; do they just go down the list in the order of acceptance until all of the extra spots are filled? Thank you for the encouragement; however, I will not be excited until I have an acceptance letter in my hand.

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RN2b12 i know exactly how u feel.. i wont be excited till i get that acceptance letter in my hands. I dont know why they take to so long to mail those letter. Last month i was told that profiles were completed. I work in an office as a secretary and the only thing you need to do for example to write a letter for 200 people is write a standard one and word will fill in with the names and address of those who you are sending them too. It takes no more then 2 days. Dont feel bad about taking anatomy and phisiology again because at UNO i had taken 2 biology classes and they were not the ones needed for LSU nursing (bc thats plan B ) so i had to take the same class but with a different number lol fustrationg. Good luck to all of you ill let yall know if I got accepted. Hopefully we all do and be in the same class. its always good going in knowing someone.

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