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Hi guys I applied to charity for the fall of next year and am waiting on the letter. i am so nervous i dont know what am gonna do if i dont get in. I have thought about other choices like LSU and OLOL EJ . I really want to go to charity but competition is high. I have a bachelors degree so i know they give 10 extra points i have overall gpa of 3.5 and on the nursing curriculum a 3.4. I got a 78 on the teas which is not that great. i have all the courses except a&p 2 and micro which am taking next semester. anyone who is in the program can tell me if they know people like me by chance that didnt have all the classes completed? my head cant stop thinking about this. please help this is a little depressing

Nope, nothing yet. I know I'm so anxious.

Got denial letter today:( I am done with all my pre reqs since last semester 74 on teas b's and c's in A&p's fourth time applying and now there will no longer be a TEAs exam it will be replaced by another exam according to paperwork. This is very heart wrenching. I don't think i can apply again and keep getting shot down.


I'm so, so sorry :( I have good grades and good pre-entrance exam scores, yet I've been denied by two other schools; I know how you feel. Have you been advised by anyone at Charity? Has anyone told you what you can do to improve your score? I'm really sorry.

I received a denial letter as well :( I must have just missed the cut off b/c I have the same profile score as another poster, who was accepted.

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i got a denial letter i want to die right now i cant stop crying

I know, it sucks. What is you guys profile score? Mine is 55, I saw that someone on another thread had a 55 as well and was accepted.

I caculated 50 for my score and i have been to the admissions office and she looked through my profile she said the best bet was to retake the teas or retake classes but now it says a new exam will be administered for entrance. I have no clue where to go from here except to think things through before next semester starts. I will be taking courses that don't apply and really don't help me. Sorry to hear of other rejection letters its not a good feelling.

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i calculated a 70 for my profile score!!!! i dont undestand!!!!!!! this sucksssss omg am so dissapointed

Hi Ladies:

I am so sorry about your recent news. I am so surprised a 55 composite score did not get in. All of you need to go down to Charity and speak to the admissions director and ask what was the problem. It could be that there were a ton of applicants thus making the composite cutoff higher than in the past. Ask how close you were to making it and to be put on a wait list. Do not give up. You all are young and have time to improve your scores and try again. Chin up and on you go. DO NOT GIVE UP.


If you are sure about posting a 70 profile score, I would absolutely go down there TOMORROW to see why in the world you didn't get in. This just does not sound right. Good grief. I am sorry.

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thank you fair and balanced!! yea am definetely going there tomorrow. I was supposed to have an extra 10 points because i have a bachelors degree i have a 3.6 gpa i have a 78 on the teas i was only missing two classes but the total points were 70. i never drop any classes and i have most As and few Bs.

I emailed the admissions office and xxx said that my score was calculated at a 40. I need to go over there and talk with someone face to face b/c one of us made a mistake (and I hope it's not me). She also said that the cut-off was 55, so the people who have a 50 or 45 will be the next to get accepted if space becomes available. I saw another thread that someone with a 50 was accepted, so that person must have calculated their score wrong.

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