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CGFNS just received my transcript validation form. Unfortunately, this is the note they wrote me:

"Your Transcript has been received and rejected for the following reasons: A Valid Signature was not provided. A Valid seal was not provided"

The transcript was both sealed and signed by my university. I really don't understand what the problem is. Has anyone gone through the same situation?

Thank you.

Hi I'm going through the same college to has send with a valid seal.i just got a mail today.What did u do next.please help.

hello, have you guys figured out what to do? im having the same problem. thanks

CGFNS seems to say this to almost everyone, unless it's a school they work with frequently. Since it's very difficult to get information out of them, I'm not sure whether it's usually an actual problem with signature/seal or if that's also the generic message they send out when they need the signature revalidated--it may just mean they've never had a transcript signed by that person before. In which case the school needs to sign a transcript validation form.

Other problems I've heard about include putting a seal in the wrong place (the marking is dim IMO) or having an "illegible" signature (which in many countries is the proper way to sign a paper).

Call CGFNS and find out if there's any next step you need to take. They may or may not tell you.

Hi! Guys.

i have this same problem. I think I’ve had my authorized agent at school send and resend my school transcripts about 4 times now. For not having a valid seal/signature. And issues with my birth date. CGFNS say it’s wrong but it isn’t. And now to add to the mess they are saying start program and end program dates are not on the transcript. And they are!

beyond frustrated with this. I’ve had everything sent that they want.

On 4/8/2017 at 6:28 AM, Obiwan said:

Hi, Had the same problem... So this is the story: CGFNS received your transcript from university, but they need to check wheather the seal and signature on the document is real or not (as they have none in their database, nothing to compare against). So, soon the CGFNS will send a letter "Request for Assistance" directly to your university asking them to provide CGFNS with the seals,name of the person who signs the transcripts, signatures etc. And your university needs to send it to CGFNS... and then cgfns will compare the seal, signatures on your transcript to the one send from the university... does it makes sens?.... It's a massive of pain to sort it out but it's doable... let me know if you have more questions... ?

Hi jared, I hope you are doing well and found the solution. So I am having the same issue but with the NURSING LICENSE. 

The error I am getting is, 
Your license did not contain a valid embossed seal.
There was not a valid licensing authority signature.
Your license was not sent directly from the licensing authority.

Nebraska nursing board sent the document and I am confused on what to do next. Please advice. 

Hi there, I have the same problem with my License Authorization, the no valid embossed seal an no valid signature, + the wrong birthday date. This institution from my country does not want to submit the information, or as they say… they will submit some of the information required but not all. As for the correction letter for the birthday mistake, no way they are going to write it. That’s a serious no, no…

I’m supposed to think that, that’s it for me? This is the end of my journey? Has anyone finished the process with this. Is there a happy ending to all this nightmare? My soul is crushed, I have no idea what to do next. 

Thank you in advance 

Hey Everyone. I received the same note on my application "transcript received but rejected for the following reason -date of birth not provided-" which I knew was ludacris since my transcript is an official document that I have access to and could verify that my bday was indeed provided. After spending 2 phone calls and lots of moola on long distance trying to deal with customer service, I came to this conclusion.

My transcript had to be sent by snail mail to ensure it was sealed etc. My detailed education breakdown was uploaded online by school through a shared online portal between the school and cgfns. Because they received the transcript paper document first, this triggered my transcript as being "incomplete". I spoke to 2 different agents about this. 

When I first got the error message, I called and was told it wasn't actually a problem with my birthdate, but that I was missing the detailed breakdown (there was a waiting period from when I requested this from the school to when they officially uploaded it to CGFNS- requested June 19, uploaded July 27) only because my paper transcript was received first. The agent assured me that once my detailed documents were received the issue should be resolved but that she didn't see any detailed education breakdown on her end. 

I called the admin at my school and she assured me my detailed breakdown had been uploaded July 27 as well as sent me a screen shot and a confirmation number, so I knew it had been provided. I called back when I learned this info, a week or so later and the agent was super rude, but informed me that they have a 25 working day processing time from the day they receive a document to the time they have to enter and update it. I explained the situation to her and stated that it was uploaded online, so asked if she could at least confirm it was there, and also took the opportunity to inquire about my signed affidavit and high school diploma which I also sent express post several weeks prior. She stated she did have those documents and updated my application. After being on hold for 30 more minutes, she came back and confirmed that the date of birth was NOT the problem, and confirmed that I didn't a new transcript sent (even said, no please don't do that). I waited another week with no change on my account and sent an email through the website asking what the status was and inquiring why my detailed report was still not processed even though it was uploaded online 3 weeks prior. The next day everything changed to a nice green check mark on my NYC CVS, and switched to "ready for review on my visa screen....which is where we sit now. Interestingly enough, I didn't receive an email response through the online portal until several days after everything was updated stating the 25 working day window even for online documents.

So my timeline so far has been this 

June 19 requested license verification from 2 nursing bodies (BC, AB) both of which did not require the paper copies and used an electronic system...these were received the fastest, transcript and detailed breakdowns, as well as requested a copy of my high school diploma

June 30 mailed diploma, signed affidavit

July 27 school uploaded official breakdown through cgfns portal

Aug 23 "ready for review" for visa screen

"ready for submission" for NYC CVS

Aug 24 "report submitted" NYC CVS

Aug 25 Applied for NYC license

I will Update as things progress ? hope this helps 

On 8/31/2021 at 6:00 PM, babywhisperer333 said:

June 30 mailed diploma, signed affidavit

July 27 school uploaded official breakdown through cgfns portal

Aug 23 "ready for review" for visa screen

"ready for submission" for NYC CVS

Aug 24 "report submitted" NYC CVS

Aug 25 Applied for NYC license

I will Update as things progress ? hope this helps 

Sept 7 received email from 'OPUNIT4' pointing out my foreign education and stating I could address in 2 ways, and went on to tell me which documents to send in. However, since I did the cvs through cgfns, I am under the impression that covers it. I emailed a reply just to clarify that same day, but no response yet. 

Sept 14 visa screen status changed from 'ready for review' to 'final license review' all items were green check marks but 'completed service documents' at the top was still red

Sept 15 called cgfns to get a timeframe for this phase, how long until it was fully processed..... was told it could be happening as we speak, but definitely within the week. 

Sept 16 visa screen changed from final license review, to 'service completed successfully' ?

June 19 - bought services 

July 27- final documents sent in 

Aug 23- all documents received 

Aug 24- NY CVS report sent

Sept 16-  visa screen complete 

I am expecting my certificate in the mail soon ! Total processing time from start to finish for Canadian RN with NCLEX - 12 WEEKS + 5 days!!     

This will vary greatly depending on how long it takes your school to submit documents, and for your licensing bodies to send forms, but I was expecting 4-6 months and they did it in half that. Not sure how much the pandemic has to do with that. It only took them 3 weeks + 3 days to complete once all documents were entered, which is the other longest wait with standard processing time of up to 25 business days. I will update once more, once I have the document in hand

Hello Nurses and others out there who can guide me in this issue.

I just got a mail from CGFNS that they have received and rejected transcript for following reason: A valid signature was not provided and a valid seal was not provided which I had send for to complete visa screening after being RN of NY state. I contacted them through my messages of cgfns and they told me that they have already reached my school of nursing to verify authenticity of both signature and seal and have not got respond from my college ( not clear whether they have contacted via email or direct courier service) but the question here is my college hasn't received any such documents. 

so, will you guys guide me in this? Also it would be great if someone can make me clear what is the next step to be done as I am frustrated as hell.

Thank You.

The CGFNS contacts the school via email but only if there is an official email( not Yahoo or gmail). Call you school and ask them to look for the CGFNS email in the Spam or trash folder. There is a form that you school must complete and resend to CGFNS via email or regular mail, all instructions are offered by CGFNS. 
Get the tracking number every time documents are send via regular mail and call CGFNS first time in the morning when they open for business, have the number at hand and talk to the operator, most of the time they speed up your process, or they can put in a request for your documents to be processed sooner. This is what I did, and it worked for me, never stood on hold. The communication via message portal is way too slow, you get answers every  25-28 days…

Good luck!

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