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  1. Jared76

    Cgfns! Help!

    Hi, Had the same problem... So this is the story: CGFNS received your transcript from university, but they need to check wheather the seal and signature on the document is real or not (as they have none in their database, nothing to compare against). So, soon the CGFNS will send a letter "Request for Assistance" directly to your university asking them to provide CGFNS with the seals,name of the person who signs the transcripts, signatures etc. And your university needs to send it to CGFNS... and then cgfns will compare the seal, signatures on your transcript to the one send from the university... does it makes sens?.... It's a massive of pain to sort it out but it's doable... let me know if you have more questions...
  2. Jared76

    PVT Accuracy June 2019

  3. Jared76

    PVT Accuracy June 2019

    Thank you yes I passed 85 questions:)
  4. Jared76

    PVT Accuracy June 2019

    Fingers crossed
  5. Jared76

    UWorld Self Assesment, is UWorld enough?

    Good luck and try not to worry too much