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    Hi, My exam was hard for me. I ended up with all 145 questions, but I passed. Thank God! As per my license, I needed to wait for 1 month or so for the official results for passing the NCLEX to be sent to my home by regular mail from Contine...
  2. CGFNS Visa Screen: My Experience

    Hi, Yes I Dis have the USRN license issued and the Visascreen done. Thank you, I will contact my employer’s lawyer and see what he says.
  3. I will do that next week when my certificate arrives via FedEx. Thank you so much!
  4. What's next after the Visascreen certificate is issued? How long can you emigrate to the USA?
  5. CGFNS Visa Screen: My Experience

    What’s after ICHP? How long until you can emigrated to the USA?
  6. Hi there, Does anyone know how long it takes for Illinois IDFPR to issue a license? I passed the NCLEX-RN July 22 2022, now is September and no license on my name....
  7. WGU RN to BSN

    Hi there, Is there anyone an international nurse that applied for RN to BSN at WGU and can help me with admission? I am currently outside U.S. but I am planning to relocate to the states once my visascreen is done and I have my license number fr...

    Hi there, I applied for Illinois Board of Nursing August 24 ( my application and check of 50$ arrived to IDFPR). No news about that so fare... Is true that I have to wait 4 weeks to get my license? I passed NCLEX-RN July 22 2022. I ...
  9. Cgfns! Help!

    Susan, you have to click on the status and see why there are not accepted. Usually CGFNS says just a few words, like “ invalid embossed seal, signature “or something. That means they will contact your school or license with a set of documents for the...
  10. Cgfns! Help!

    The CGFNS contacts the school via email but only if there is an official email( not Yahoo or gmail). Call you school and ask them to look for the CGFNS email in the Spam or trash folder. There is a form that you school must complete and resend to CGF...
  11. Hi there, please tell me what documents have you sent to the CTS? I've already submitted the FingerPrints, the Ielts test result was sent by the British Council. What form I need to send via DHL or FedEx in order to go through with my application? ...
  12. Hi there, have you figure it out yet? I'm having the same questions and I'm unable to find help in this issue. Please reply back if you finished the process application with the CTS. Thank you!
  13. License Verification

    Hi there, international nurse here. This might be off topic, an anyone help me with the application for taking NCLEX in Illinois? I submitted the documents to CTS including the IELTS test results (sent directly from British Council to Continental Tes...
  14. Issues with CGFNS

    So sorry to hear about the extra charge, I have no idea what that fee is. Take care of yourself and good luck!
  15. Issues with CGFNS

    Hi there, I know how frustrating the waiting is. The officials from my License Validation send the 2 pages required by the CGFNS August 1, vía DHL ( they preferred this way because someone will sign for delivery) and they arrived in August...