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I am not yet even a nursing student but I think I will purse a CRNA degree. I was scanning a nursing job site and it seems that Texas has a very high pay scale. Any ideas as to why?... Read More

  1. by   Cherish
    Really?! Where?! Ive been looking high and low for something that paid a decent rate so I could get my bills paid without help of *two* roommates!!
    If pay *is* higher, its because, as mentioned, everything in Texas is bigger. Including our bills.

    Where in Texas are you located? Never heard of a nurse getting so little pay that they have to live with roommates (that sounds like NYC or California nurses). The cost of living in TX is REALLY reasonable compared to the east coast. Maybe you should see what the average pay is in your city then compare it to a city 30 mins. away. Unless your in SUPREME debt from student loans or something, I don't really understand why your cost of living is lower. Have you thought of going to another hospital and/or city? Also, where do you live? (rural or city)
  2. by   Farkinott
    I know why the pay is better n Texas.................................
    Hell! Even us :chuckle Aussies know "EVERYTHING'S bigger in Texas!"
    Nyuk nyuk nyuk! :chuckle
  3. by   kklownluv
    I am a nursing student in Oklahoma but my Aunt lives in Austin, Texas and is a RN. She interested me in nursing and makes very good money. The one thing she always tells me is there are plenty of jobs if you dont like the one you in when your nursing. I dont think the same could be said about Oklahoma. Also there are no food taxes at the grocery store. I am sure it is made up elsewhere, but just another positive thing. I am going to NA school in Fort Worth and will live in Texas where the money is plentiful.

    I go to Austin every few months and this time when I'm rolling through the flat lands, I will think of you guys!

    Good Luck to everyone!

  4. by   FritoPie
    Sure, take the others advice and stay out of Texas.

    I wouldn't mind having this beautiful, wonderful place to myself anyway!

    But of course, if you chose to come here you would soon see why many decide to call Texas "home."
  5. by   tfrankern
    I've been a nurse in Texas for 10 years. During that time I've traveled to other states as well. After 10 years I make 21.50 per hour...does that sound like a lot to you??? An of course the CRNA's make about 100,000/yr but they have a masters degree and are educated in advanced nursing skills. I'm sure that the CRNA's make more in other states as well.
    Nobody can say that it's because I work in an area that doesn't pay much either, because I have done everything from Adult Icu, Pedi Icu, ER, Home Health, Hospice, Post-op, Nicu, etc. and they all pay CRAP money for what we do. But, I am a nurse and this is what I do.
    If you want to be wealthy, don't be a nurse. We don't do this for the money. Of course if it is so bad we have to ask ourselves why don't we get another job...like at Wal-Mart, for instance???? Because, they REALLY pay CRAP and so does every other employer out there unless you are into computers or law or a real estate mogul etc.
    So, get used to it, you will be mesmerized by the big $$$ ads, but remember if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!!!
    Also, the border towns are very high risk for lawsuit and losing your license.
    Also, the border towns are not very pretty to look at...but lots of places in Texas are....sorry the nurse who was here 3 years didn't get to see those places....
    Nurses in Texas are not given the respect they should have either. We still bow down to doctors and kiss *** to administration.
    My experience in other states was good although I did have to pay State income tax which I don't here, and the people were mostly rude in other states, which they aren't here, and everything from milk to housing is very very expensive, which it isn't here.....so, I guess it all works out in the wash (that's a Texas saying).
    I hear that in Alaska RN's are making over $100/hr.....probably another fable...Good Luck....
  6. by   Aurora
    Quote from Busy20yo
    so with that logic......

    Is the pay in San Diego pretty low compared to other parts of the country?

    Compared to other parts of California, it is.
  7. by   nilepoc
    Hello, everyone needs to reread the parent post, this thread is about high CRNA pay in Texas. Currently it is far off topic.

  8. by   Roland
    You know I've always thought Alaska was beautiful do nurses really make good money there? Of course in Alaska, there are just to few women for the men. I'd be worried about my wife. Seriously, my "ad hoc" survey at salary.com comparing salaries to cost of living showed Houston to be superior over Indianapolis, Pittsburg, Tampa, Phillie, and of course Oahu. That search was for a generic ICU nurse (I course I don't know how accurate salary.com is only that they claim to do good research). Also, when you factor in the lack of income tax Texas becomes even more economically attractive (except relative to Florida which also doesn't have income tax). Many have spoken negatively about Houston in particular. Why is this, I was impressed by the city (although those high way ramps were SO high they literally made me dizzy to drive up and look at).
  9. by   CougRN
    Roland, probably because Houston is referred to as "the armpit of the US" it's humid as hell there. but give it a try if you feel you want to live there.
  10. by   Roland
    Hmm, IF we live there I won't listen to the A/C contractor this time. He told me that a bigger air compressor wouldn't cool any better at our current home. If we live in Texas, then I'm going to want several air compressors. Can they wire refrigeration technology directly into every room so I could get the temp. down to an even 35degrees in each room (that would also help facilitate weight loss).

    No matter what you can't deny the pluses for Houston:

    a. Good nursing pay.
    b. Good job market (wife has NT received call back for any student nurse positions for summer here (except for home heath agencies), even though she had five offers by this time last summer.

    c. Low housing costs.
    d. Not that far from the Gulf.
    e. Books stores, plays, strip clubs, dance clubs libraries, and really good beef barbecue. "Neat" downtown atmosphere. Professional sports. Major airport. Lots of Democrats and Republicans (a plus for what is overall a conservative state). I hate it when everyone thinks like I do, the more diversity the better.

    f. At least two CRNA schools. No Enron. Local economy should benefit from high oil prices making the job market even better.

    g. Hot/humid weather should discourage overeating.
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  11. by   aRNnAR
    Quote from Roland
    Here's another theory on why nursing pay in general may be higher in Texas. I have noticed that most nurses tend to be "left of center." For instance, my wife's nursing instructor did an ad hoc pole of the class on the abortion issue and found that only five students (out of 48) supported the recent ban on partial birth abortion (the other students felt that it was an intrusion on the Dr. patient relationship or had other objections). Now I have noted that many who would describe themselves "left of center" really dislike Texas (this has only increased since Bush was elected and people have become if anything more polarized). Thus, it may be that Texas, a state with a high demand for nurses has trouble attracting them because many are unwilling to live there at any price. Personally, I would dress of in a pink mu mu and sing love sonnets to France's President Jacque Chirac for the right salary and benefits package (I always ask myself what would Homer do before making a serious decision).
    Interesting theory; however, i think that most nurses are pro-choice because most nurses are female & most women believe in a woman's right to choose.
  12. by   nurseunderwater
    Quote from nilepoc
    This is no where near the type of liberal living I am talking about. I am talking about living in a city where I can paint my house purple, Drive a 1952 volkswagon bus and have long hair without anyone thinking I look or act funny. Actually, I may be short two or three cars with only three. I am talking about a state where Gay marriage is being considered. The former governer (republican BTW Roland) wanted to leagalize it (you know what I mean), he was a marathon runner, hang glider and overall pretty nice guy. Most of the country thought he was crazy, but he fit right in there.

    I want real mountains, and open space to roam.

    Liberal means different things to different people.

    Hmmmm.... Boulder, Nederland - CO, Austin, Tx, Eugene OR - Nelson BC

    a fellow purple lover
  13. by   Roland
    Actually, national poles by Gallop and Roper show about an even split on abortion among women across age ranges, it depends upon how the question is qualified. In addition, national poles about so called Partial Birth/dilation extraction abortion reveal over seventy percent of women support a ban on the procedure (with exceptions for the life of the mother.) So the very small, unscientific sample conducted in my wife's class is very unusual since approximately ninty percent opposed legislation against the procedure. Of course as was pointed out Indianapolis could be an exception (or the ad hoc pole not representative of actual atitudes), but we are known for being relatively conservative, certainly relative to cities like Chicago, Boston, New York ect.

    Keep in mind that even allnurses is probably not a good measure of the values of nurses since most studies have shown that conservatives tend to be overrepresented on the Internet (thus Allnurses may underrepresent the left of center perspective as it relates to nursing).

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