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hey guys, it's me again! this is a debate that is going on in the resident forum of . brett the poster is listed above his\her comment ... Read More

  1. by   meandragonbrett
  2. by   meandragonbrett
    Who is "SandMan" I know it's got to be somebody from here!

  3. by   g8rlimey
    To say the CRNA salary issue over at SDN has been intriguing would be a severe understatement. That discussion has consumed 7 pages--the largest in that forum. Aside from the petty namecalling and stone throwing, the majority of the posts provided for insightful reading. What still shocks be is the nature of the members that post regulary. I don't remember where I read it, but someone said something about amount of education not equalling manners or polite behavior---so true...
  4. by   ufmatt
    you couldn't be more right Sam, and the sad thing is most of the future and current med students I have known are a bunch of trust fund cry-babies.

    I'm pretty sure that their contentions would be that we as nurses have "holes" in our training and education (totally untrue), but i can guar--an--tee that patients will appreciate our bedside manner especially when they have experienced some MD's lack thereof. :chuckle
  5. by   shay
    Bleah!! I hate them, I hate them, I hate them!!!!!!!! That whole debate really pissed me off. Hats off to you guys who gave it right back to them. I couldn't have kept such a cool head. You all rock.
  6. by   fergus51
    Shay, imagine how pleased I was to read this post right around the same time the anesthesiologist refused to treat one of my patients!!! LOL!! Maybe that's why I threw caution to the wind and ripped him a new one! Bitterness from can have lasting effects!
  7. by   hoolahan
    I'm no CRNA, but when I saw all the posts surrounding this site and infamous post....I just had to check it out for myself.

    These docs are hilarious! I am sooooo glad I don't work with residents anymore!
  8. by   jfpruitt
    For those of you posting. Y_O_U R_O_C_K!!! You make those MDA's wannabe's look like uneducated weasels!!! (esp Kevin) You are so well versed. You are my CRNA Hero hehe...
  9. by   meandragonbrett
    Just wanted to say that I think you're doing a great job with your posts. They are thought out VERY well. Let's give it up for kev!!

  10. by   BRobison
    I'm getting such a kick out of the posts at the future docs site!
    I wonder how mad they'd get if I mentioned that one of my CRNA buddies made upwards of $275K last year? Unsupervised.
    Nah, not worth mentioning.
  11. by   meandragonbrett
    Do it, do it, do it!!!!!!! <~~Is chanting BRonison on. C'mon guys, fess up on who's "Mr. Sandman"!!!

  12. by   hoolahan
    Yeah, DO IT!!! I wanna watch! Tee hee!!!
  13. by   Tenesma
    Hello everybody...

    I'd like to introduce myself: I am an anesthesia resident, and I have been following with much amusement the carnage over at the studentdoctor network as well as this thread on allnurses.

    First off, I am very grateful for CRNAs. They provide an invaluable service to patients both in the rural/physician-underserved areas as well as in the urban/rock'n'roll setting...
    Second off, I am very grateful for Nurses... Because without them my patients would be in a lot of trouble!

    It is funny how a thread about CRNA salaries quickly changed into a fight about who is better, yada, yada.... I am glad to hear that CRNAs are well compensated, and hopefully as news of compensation gets around we will start seeing an improvement in the shortage of CRNAs, and patients will thus have better access to care.
    I can understand that it is frustrating for many doctors in different specialties/sub-specialties to see many years of training and sacrifice be reimbursed at a lower rate than some CRNAs... but most of them chose their careers based on what they enjoyed and their talents, and not because of future supply and demand laws.... or at least one would hope. If those primary care docs want to earn more than well-paid CRNAs then they should move to more rural areas were they in turn can start applying the laws of demand and supply in their favor.

    Those are my two cents regarding salaries...

    But I would also like to address an issue that tends to create a rift between physicians and nurses... In a previous post, somebody wrote that physicians treat the disease and the nurse treats the person. Most of us who went to medical school went into it to treat people... out of the 106 people graduating from my medical school only 2 were "trust-fund babies" (as per a previous posting) and one dropped out when he realized the dedication involved, and the other finished just before going off to business school... the rest of us graduated with over $100,000 in debt, an average age of 30 and with the prospect of working 90-100 hour weeks for 30-40K per year for 3 to 7 more years (depending on the field). I would hate to think that we would sacrifice our twenties and most of our thirties for crappy hours, crappy pay unless we could justify it with some noble goal... to treat people. So the argument I would put forth is that BOTH doctors and nurses are the patient's advocate and the patient is best served when we work as a team. It actually pains me to read when CRNAs and/or RNs write that they hate doctors - because without each other we couldn't survive (and neither could the patient - pun intended).

    Oh and by the way, congrats to the CRNA who managed to get a 275K contract...

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