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  1. the job profile of nurse anesthetists is quite challenging; they should be very good in decision making under stressful situations. the satisfactory point for this medical job is the high salary package. as with any profession, the crna earning information varies according to location, level of eduction, experience and size of the hiring organization. it is reported that crnas employed in acute care hospitals are paid higher than those working in general hospitals.

    about 5 years ago, the average salary of crna was usd 160,000 yearly; while those without experience were paid somewhere around usd 110,000 to usd 130,000 per annum. in the latest 2009 review about salary ranges for jobs, the crna average salary was usd 189,000 per year. immediately after passing out, a certified registered nurse anesthetist can start his/her career from the lower scale, which comes to about usd 110,000. after gaining experience in the relative field, salary can be increased to about usd 200,000 per year.

    speaking more about the earning potential of certified registered nurse anesthetist, those work in cities get a higher salary package than people employed in rural areas. the same salary variation exists according to state. like for example; crna salary in california comes within usd 150,000-200,000, while the average crna salary in texas falls between usd 140,000-170,000. in the present scenario, there is shortage for crnas in almost all states. hence, a qualified nurse anesthetist can ask for a higher pay scale at the time of hiring.

    as you now have a brief idea about crna salary range, you will be able to calculate how much money you can expect to make out of this profession. whats more, nurse anesthetist salary is higher, while working independently as a contractor. or you can also start an organization, for providing staffing, in the crna field, to private clinics and hospitals. that way, you can increase your earning potential to a large extent. overall, the career outlook for certified registered nurse anesthetist is very bright for the coming years.

    i'm pleased aleady:d
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    Did you post in the CRNA speciality forum. You might get better answers there..
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  5. by   wtbcrna
    I disagree about city and rural salary packages. The packages I have seen are usually better in the most rural areas.

    Cost of living and state income tax in California explain the majority of the pay differences between Texas and California.
  6. by   Zaphod
    "Immediately after passing out, a certified registered nurse anesthetist can start his/her career"..lol, this source just lost all relaibility. Anyways, tired of CRNA salary questions. If you are good in your field you will command a high salary. Some Psych and Derm NP's make more than CRNA and CRNA school is not the easy way to riches..just saying
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    Central Ohio is between $59.19/hr and $85.82/hr depending upon your experience so that's around $123,000 a year to $178,500 a year.
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    It's just good practice not to believe everything you read. You should talk to some CRNA's and find out what type of issues are facing them. It's not all rainbows and sunshine on the other end.
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    $170,000 starting at our 3 hospitals. Can do overtime, most of our younger 'hungry' CRNA's make >$200,000 and get 8 weeks vacation. They are hospital employees supervised by Anesthesiologists. They cannot do OB, cardiac or newborns/some peds because we have fellows for those specific cases. All are level 2 hospitals.

    Our level 1 CRNA's ironically get a little less money but have less call and a lighter workload - different set-up with staff and resident MD's.

    We have no shortage here, however. One big system in the state eliminated all CRNA positions and are MD only so we have an excess.

    I agree with chk23, however. Careful what you read, the person who wrote this article is not a doc or CRNA, she is a 'technical' writer which basically means she is a communications major. She did have a nice article about cleaning turtle's ear though.
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    My friends who are expected to graduate in December from CRNA school have told me that they have been exposed to sub $100,000 job offers for full time work. There is currently an oversupply of new grad CRNA's being pushed out of the many programs. Locumtenems just published the average CRNA salary and stated it is $168,900 and those who were making that had 10 to 15 years experience.

    I just left Miami, Florida where new grad CRNAs are being offered $110,000 to start. A friend of mine in Atlanta was offered $93,000.

    It is all about supply and demand. Too many CRNAs, AAs and a lower demand for surgical procedures are pushing salaries down. Check out gaswork.com for the latest salary information.
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    @FNP2B1..You are correct. In the Miami area new grads start at around 110 due to oversupply. You do have to consider there are 3 CRNA schools in Miami and 8 or 10 in Florida. Other states are better for new grads. The bottom line is you should follow what you think will fit your personality and interests. There is a money making opportunity in almost every field if you are savy..
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    Knew five years ago, With AANA this was coming guess if wages get to four year b s degrees their will be less students !
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    Quote from lmdscd
    Knew five years ago, With AANA this was coming guess if wages get to four year b s degrees their will be less students !
    The average salary for CRNAs is still 170K and the average age of CRNAs is 47yrs. I don't think there is some giant pay drop going to come anytime soon.
  14. by   lmdscd
    All I'm trying to say is there are too many schools and you can see the affect, jobs on one main site, gasworks down 4000 jobs since about 2 years ago.