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Zaphod has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU-CCRN, CVICU, SRNA.

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  1. Zaphod

    Example of student schedule for UM CRNA program.

    Ive only had 1 online class and i am in the 4th semester
  2. Zaphod

    University of Miami SRNA

    The scholarship has not been active in 3 years. Kind of a false advertising
  3. Zaphod

    University of Miami Fall 2011 CRNA Program

    Take research and adv.prac.concepts in the summer if you can. Save money . Thats all i can say
  4. Zaphod

    Kentucky Opts Out

    awesome, continue to contribute to PAC..
  5. Zaphod

    How many hours a week do you average?

    as much as I need to..or until I drop:) usually 2 hours on light days upward to 16 hours before exams
  6. Zaphod

    How many hours a week do you average?

    wow..thats sounds chill compared to my program..Clinicals tuesday to friday 6-5PM, class Monday 12-7PM and tuesday 3-7PM.. so clincal about 40 hours and class 11 hours..
  7. Zaphod

    BS to RN to CRNA...more difficult than I thought?

    May I add that by the time you apply many of the CRNA programs would have probably switched to doctorate. Mine is switching this year and will be 3 1/2 years in duration and will cost over 100K..so the debt as a CRNA might be comparable to a MD. You are young and I would encourage you to try for medical school as you enjoy sciences and you will have a much greater choice and flexibility as a MD. You will be paid as a resident(almost as much as an RN) and not all mds work long hours. Infectious disease docs seem to be on perma vaca..Dont box yourself in and dont be afraid to reach to fulfill your full potential. think..finish BS Bio..? finish BSN 15 mo + 2 years ICU + 3 years CRNA school=6 1/2 years and thats if everything goes smooth finish BS Bio..? med school 4 years+ residency 2-3 years=6-7 years...plus can choose any specialty
  8. Zaphod

    difficulty of CRNA school

    I agree..apples and oranges. I believe it is much more difficult to become an MD than a CRNA, however with that being said I believe there are many CRNAs on par with MDAs since the time spent in anesthesia training is similar.
  9. Zaphod

    Fluid bolus with BP 140s/100s?

    Low urine output tells you pt is dry. The BP is up because of tachycardia-compensatory to maintain cardiac output. CO=HRxSV. Fluid bolus should help, but pt may even need more-have seen up to 10L being given in sepsis. Now I dont know what other comorbidities are present, with high BNP and crackles-maybe he is in CHF, cant speculate but that would mean a more conserative fluid therapy.
  10. not just stress, but hospitals are unhealthy to be in. no natural light, rsome radiatio exposure, might have to go hungry and not pee for 12 hours. Do not by any condition accept night shift-that has been linked to cancer, diabetes etc. Maybe a position in Dr.office. I wonder have you considered some of the therapy positions that have more normal schedule and less stress. physical therapy assistants make almost as much as nurses-just one exhample.
  11. Zaphod

    Ever Think Nursing Might Not Be Enough?

    you havent even worked yet to decide RN is not enough. Work in an open heart unit for a while before you decide that nursing doesnt require extensive knowldege of medicine.
  12. Zaphod

    Is CRNA School as Difficult as People Said?

    What do you mean. 4-6 hours is not that much, some peope were sleeping in the school library during finals. every semester is different regarding clinicals versus class time-Im just giving you a general perspective
  13. Zaphod

    Is CRNA School as Difficult as People Said?

    It really doesnt have that much to do with the material-which is pretty massive. As I said the difficulty is the actual training, being in OR early, care plans, being on call, learning the practice of anesthesia.
  14. Zaphod

    Is CRNA School as Difficult as People Said?

    Yeah, super easy.. JK, it is doable but it is not the classes it is the training and the hours that are exhausting. CRNA school has a way to weed out over confident people, and yes you will study at least 4-6 hours a day if you are super smart as you say.
  15. Zaphod

    Ortho nurse or transplant nurse?

    Transplant.you will learn more.
  16. Zaphod

    should I stay or move for pre-crna

    The unit you are on sounds like good experience.

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