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Sorry I found this thread so late.

I'm a 49 year old man, and just finished pre-reqs, staring BSN program next month. I was an advertising photographer for 25 years, but covid finally put the nail in the coffin on that successful career. I'm excited to work in a field that is less self-centered, but know it's going to be a huge change too. I've worked freelance my entire adult life and used to being in charge. I'm concerned I don't know anything about workplace politics nor how to navigate a workplace that doesn't tolerate newcomers. I'm actually happy to approach not being a perfectionist in a creative way and just tackle what's in front of me for once.

Regardless, it's a huge challenge as I will be 52 at graduation. And in addition, I have never interviewed before nor made a resume. I have to go all in for my family, just hope I can find the right environment and specialty to make it a success. If you have any advice I'd love to hear it. 

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I got my BSN at a much younger age, but I have met many nurses (male and female) who have come into nursing later in life.  Just be prepared for working nights and weekends.    Truly...for me.....I don't care the age of coworkers.  What I care about is are they reliable (come to work on time) and are they competent and can I count on them when it hits the fan.   Good luck man. 


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I'm 28 and will be starting nursing school in the Spring. I worked in government for a few years and felt like it wasn't for me. It's a big change but it's never too late!


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On 10/21/2020 at 8:19 PM, KaseyC said:

Hey guys, 

Curious how many are around my age (46) and made a career change? 

 I've been a professional guitarist, college instructor and private music teacher for many years ....but health care has always intrigued me and the nursing route is something I've been pondering for over a year. When Covid hit it pretty much flattened my music career for both performing and teaching, so Im taking this blessing/curse to start down a new life path in medicine. Starting pre req's for my ADN in the Spring, and considering getting a CNA certification to start working in the field.

Anybody else on a similar path or have been? Kind of scary at this age, but I take very good care of myself physically, mentally and spiritually I feel up to the challenge and am truly excited about the new venture. Thanks for any insight or just resonance! 

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  Love this thread.


    Graduated nursing school on 8/20/21 and passed my NCLEX-RN on October 13th.   Started y first nursing job 6 days ago.


   Became a Pennsylvania Paramedic in 1997 and EMT a few years before that.  

  Nursing just seemed like the natural  progression.  I also make ALOT more money and isn't nearly as hard on my body as being a medic/ff was.


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Hey guys!

Thanks for the interaction and sharing your experiences. 

Im 4 1/2 months into working full time as a PCT in post-op. It's been a huge change from my pervious life both for the good and with some new challenges/dilemmas. Im at a very busy/large hospital that serves a lot of the economically challenged parts of town....week days are typically 80-120 surgeries and we are understaffed as CNA's and in general in the hospital. I've meet some great people as coworkers but whew, there's quite a few are very challenging and make the job much harder.....not sure what is the environment or just individuals, prob. combo of both. Regardless, its been a VERY clear window into the down and dirty of nursing. I learned what Im drawn too and what Im not. Being more on the introverted/intellectual/with a lot curiosity into the medical side of things Im very drawn to wanting understand and know what is going on with patients and possible solutions ...etc. Unfortunately Im not finding a lot common ground on an intellectual or curiosity level with most nurses. Seems most just want to talk about what they did on their days off, vacations, what they bought....etc. NOT that anything is wrong with any of this....BUT just trying find my niche because I very genuienly have a deep interest in preventative health, nutrition, exercise, helping resolved chronic disease, etc. Seems when I bring up these subjects most just give me the blank eye, I guess naively I expected more common interest. It seems a lot are burned and just want the pay check.  Who knows maybe working 20 years Id be the same?? It's just made question if "nursing" is the right path? The money, 3 days, and security ARE very appealing but finding the right niche is my challenge. Good luck everybody and thanks for sharing. 


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Like FiremedicMike, I started pre-reqs at 38, finished school at 40. I had a couple of classmates who were in their mid-50s when they finished.


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46 is young nowadays. Most of us without too many health concerns living middle class lives should *usually* expect to live to our late 80s or 90s (barring some unlikely thing occurs). I wouldn't imagine retiring at 65 and not working for 20 or so years, so I say go for it.


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We all have different life stories and I respect your courage for following your heart. I'm over 30 now, and I just started to apply for BSN. Nothing is too late bro.