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Enrolling in school for a career change to nursing
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KaseyC specializes in Enrolling in school for a career change to nursing.

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    Career change at 46.......

    Hey guys, Curious how many are around my age (46) and made a career change? I've been a professional guitarist, college instructor and private music teacher for many years ....but health care has always intrigued me and the nursing route is something I've been pondering for over a year. When Covid hit it pretty much flattened my music career for both performing and teaching, so Im taking this blessing/curse to start down a new life path in medicine. Starting pre req's for my ADN in the Spring, and considering getting a CNA certification to start working in the field. Anybody else on a similar path or have been? Kind of scary at this age, but I take very good care of myself physically, mentally and spiritually ....so I feel up to the challenge and am truly excited about the new venture. Thanks for any insight or just resonance!
  2. Hi!, Im a 46 year old male returning to college for an eventual career change to nursing. This Spring I will begin the science pre req's I didn't have in my previous college years as a musician. Im seriously considering getting my CNA certification to get experience in the field of which I have zero for in health care. Wondering if there are any other males around my age headed for the same?? Or any words of wisdom from anybody who have gone the CNA route before school. Good idea?? THANKS!!