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  1. Falsely Accused Of Patient Neglect

    This is your license. If you are falsely accused, get an attorney if you can afford one.
  2. Drug Calculation Help

    The question is: 1000 mL NS with 30,000 Units heparin prescribed to run at 1200 Units/ hr. The drop factor is 30 gtt/mL. What's the flow rate in gtts/min? What I did was do volume over time x the drop factor. 1000ml/60min x 30 = 500g...
  3. A couple of words I would question are 'accused' and that 'an undercover detective' was involved. Sorry, I'll wait until their side of the story comes out. I don't trust these 'undercover' detectives as their job is to deceive and get someone to do w...
  4. Will ENP become a primary certification?

    CRNA's I think would be the closest fit due to intubation and anesthesia.
  5. If its an issue, maybe work in a specialty where Cephalosporins aren't typically given, if the med is PO just double glove, if I.V. then maybe you could choose a specialty that doesn't give that med or ask if another nurse can give it..
  6. Got The Worst Score On Quiz In My Class

    Just take the score, and do better on the next quiz. Not every student is the best at every subject.
  7. Nurse Help

    Hi, I have clinical that starts on Monday and I wanted to know how I can best help the nurse as a nursing student. Anything small or big. I have copied and pasted from a recent thread, I don't want to bother the nurse, how can I help the best? I do n...
  8. I recently worked a shift where there were 15 COVID positive patients, coughing, sick.. everyone who had a task, social worker, admin, other nurses, aides, housekeeping, drs, all saw me as a warm body than can do it all. Stacked on the work, assessme...
  9. ...Was I being insensitive??

    I don't want to seem insensitive either here, but crying or bawling on the ICU unit when there are sick infectious people is not appropriate. Yeah I can see being overwhelmed or holding back tears but that is expected to have COVID patients. Maybe ...
  10. They wouldn't have a job if taxes didn't pay or if I didn't pay tuition. Therefore students PAY for their education and have a right to what they learn.
  11. Docs & Nurses = Murderers

    There is no way 1 nurse can take care of 17-18 Covid positive patients and counting. There is no one else to take care of them. Why blame the one that the facility doesn't tell or inform in advance they have to work in the covid unit. It takes extra...
  12. Nursing instructors are responsible for what they teach. Reading power points is not teaching. Students PAY for instruction.
  13. Just recently I had 25 patients, 2 were in covid isolation. The man who was positive was elderly and coughing so bad he didn't know to cover his mouth. Yes I had PPE on, but you have to take extra precautions when they are coughing, perhaps step back...
  14. lost license, now what

    That's why these kinds of doctors should be sued.
  15. Abuse Accusations

    It isn't. But the OP stated that the administrator and/or DON are retaliatory and trying to CTA. LTC climate is riddled with lawsuits.