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Cardiology Nurse Practitioner Fellowship with Mayo Clinic


Did anyone complete or applied for Cardiology Nurse Practitioner Fellowship with Mayo Clinic in Arizona? I need help with pointers and tips for the fellowship to apply. I would like to know what the program is like and what it consists and what the experience is like. I would like to know how it is to be in the fellowship program and how competitive it is to get into the fellowship. TIA.

Hey there,

I did not apply for the Mayo Clinic fellowship but I did apply and get into a fellowship at Carolinas Medical Center Critical Care Fellowship.


1. Ia plied very early and got all my paperwork in as soon as possible.

2. I stressed all my experience as it pertained to what I was applying critical care, I have extensive experience with lines, codes, invasive cardiac monitoring as I also did CVICU and ER as an RN

3. I emailed to check on my application

4. I was myself. :)

In the interview it was tough competition but I just showed my sheer enthusiasm for critical care and for the program. I highlighted my areas of expertise but also let know that I had faults and was willing to address and work on those faults.

Let me know if there are any questions I can answer for you :)


Thank you so much for your pointers. I will definitely do my best to send them everything early. I hope you got the fellowship you applied for.

@nursedina11: I would like to learn more about the carolina fellowship. Can you receive PMs?

do they let u all do heart caths and pacers?

You can email me at [email protected]

The fellowship at Carolinas Medical Center (now Atrium Health) has been the the best decision I every made. Feel free to email me anytime!!

What is the program salary?

Specializes in CVICU, MICU, Burn ICU.

Not an NP, but just want to say I think it's AWESOME you all are doing fellowships! Way to go!!!!

Hi nursedina11,

I just attended the webinar tonight for atrium health. I have a few questions about the program could I email you them please?

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Just saw this and was wondering if you ever applied or went for the Cardiology NP Fellowship at Mayo Clinic in AZ. If you did, what was your experience like? Any tips? @Rjoshi19

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