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  1. Spadeforce

    Pros and Cons of Direct Entry NP Programs?

    lol a scribe being more helpful than RN prior to entering a provider role keep dreaming
  2. Spadeforce

    Walden University

    Just because three preceptors say its oK doesn't mean people do not hire from walden. You go to a diploma mill, science-lite school and just because they take the same easy board exam and you are doing good in classes does not mean you will be competent
  3. Spadeforce

    NP in pain management

    is it a perc bus or actual legit pain management practice ?
  4. Spadeforce

    Older Doctor doesn't think nurses should be in charge

    There is and always will be a hierarchy in healthcare. This does not mean that people should disrespect each other, but the liability usually comes back to the physician hence why they are higher on the hierarchy. This is not a discussion of intrinsic human value but one of workplace roles. Physicians should not be condescending and be so aloof that they do not listen to input of nurses, and I also would not consider a physician to be a nurses "boss" (they have nurse-bosses for that). But the roles of physician and nurse are not equal since the role of a physician has more responsibility than the typical nursing staff. But they are both important so respect should go both ways. From prior experience the physicians who treat nurses like mud puppies are not good people to work with/good physicians. But the nurses who aim high and think they could run the place better and demand equality to physicians are just as wrong.
  5. Spadeforce

    Threatened by employer

    Hes honest and a lot of places possibly would NOT back you no matter what they say but he sounds like he would throw you under the bus with him driving it GTHO
  6. do ICU, makes easier to get diff jobs in future. nursery nurses are so specialized a lot of other specs do not want them if thats only what you have for experience
  7. Spadeforce

    Any facilities actually using an AccuVein? Any thoughts?

    I love the facebook posts on some of the ads for these things. All these nurses going "real nurses use touch only these things are training wheels." Like they are some type of mygever or whatever. These tools aren't perfect but there is a reason interventional radiologists use U/s CT to guide things. Never understood how hardcore nurses are on being "expert" at unguided IV sticks and think anyone who uses any type of assist is a lesser being. They wouldn't last one minute in IR where you can actually "hurt" a patient.
  8. Sounds like the typical nursing instructor. Undergrad nursing school was the worst experience ever, not due to difficulty but due to things such as this. Save the email. Her rule of "only taking calls" is laughable who does she think she is. Also, your family needs to figure out their stuff you should not have to take siblings to school and be late for things. You should not be late but that instructor was probably a crusty old hag.
  9. Spadeforce

    AANP Cert. Exam

    This thread is ten years old lol google AANP prep. What you have should be enough the exam is not ultra difficult
  10. Spadeforce

    Death threats at work?

    change the channel to blues clues
  11. Spadeforce

    Are Nurses Oppressed?

    Now that it is 2019 I think everybody thinks they are oppressed. its like the cool new "hey guys look I am a victim" type thing thats neat now...
  12. Spadeforce

    Nurse Practitioner working without a MA

    sounds like whoever runs your company has an IQ lower than average. go work somewhere else what kind or turd does not hire an MA. is this place full of nepotism? or something
  13. Spadeforce

    Can I work with specialist as FNP or should I pursue AGNP

    i remember when they told us in RN school to work medsurg before ICU. dumbest thing ever if anything working med surg makes you dumber
  14. Spadeforce

    What did you wish you knew as a new grad NP?

    honestly uptodate and 5minute clinical consult= pretty much universal coverage
  15. Spadeforce

    What are the low stress nurse practitioner jobs

    a good job would be one with all the stuff you want in the contract plus decent pay. doesn't matter the specialty probably. environment and contract are more important than which specialty you are in in regards to low stress