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  1. Why don't more NPs advocate for better training?

    It’s all cool and stuff if one person goes to a good school but we are judged by our worst as a whole so if even somebody went to a great place if bob swole goes to Walden or some other roflchopper for profit it drags us all down
  2. PAs Do Not Like Us

    So do many pracs
  3. PAs Do Not Like Us

    Back 6-7 or so yrs ago when I was finishing up np school I remmeber we had some people from some country in Europe come (I don’t remember which maybe Ireland) and their design was to require RN experience in that specific specialty for 5 years before...
  4. Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    NPs teaching residents are like unicorns. You see it all over the internet but not in real life
  5. PAs Do Not Like Us

    All of earth is a population too. In respect for using it as a specific population to use as a point in making it seem as if np curriculum is superior to NP is meh because most PAs do more than 500 hours of outpatient medical clinicals anyway on top ...
  6. Go Fund Me

    So I can go around saying I’m one? Lol right
  7. Why don't more NPs advocate for better training?

    Schools wouldn't listen and people have said things to the AANC and such, they dont care. They know the soccer moms out there love the easy couch curriculum and if they make it harder people will take the PA route instead and it will hit their pocket...
  8. Go Fund Me

    I can see a lot of push back on this since anesthesiologist is a protected title
  9. PAs Do Not Like Us

    There are a lot of PAs who where things such as a flight nurses prior to PA school. It is sort of a moot point though since being a flight nurse is not a hard requirement for PA or NP school so I am not sure why you are using that as an "edge" for NP...
  10. Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    Nurses teach residents some stuff but most of it is superficial how to use equipment or which PRN order is best for this basic issue. A vast majority of resident teaching comes from attending, other residents, what they learn in med school. I would ...
  11. Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    no thanks to that and the california taxes
  12. Pros and Cons of Direct Entry NP Programs?

    Nurses read through the medical diagnoses too and actually have to make some independent decisions. Scrbes just copy notes
  13. Pros and Cons of Direct Entry NP Programs?

    lol a scribe being more helpful than RN prior to entering a provider role keep dreaming
  14. Walden University

    Just because three preceptors say its oK doesn't mean people do not hire from walden. You go to a diploma mill, science-lite school and just because they take the same easy board exam and you are doing good in classes does not mean you will be compet...
  15. NP in pain management

    is it a perc bus or actual legit pain management practice ?