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  1. danceluver

    Groveling for a Direct-Entry MSN Program

    @dedicatedone---sent you a PM hope it helps!!
  2. danceluver

    Groveling for a Direct-Entry MSN Program

    i do too, you are not alone either....i'm applying to several programs as well, some higher on my list than others that I am banking on and back ups for others....financial aid will also play a part as well. Ohh, good luck on the GRE---you'll do fine if you've given some dedication to the exam---its like the SATs just a bit easier (at least I thought it was)...looks like u are from calif....r u applying to programs here? i think i'll start getting stuff together in August to get a solid start (letters, start the personal statement, etc)---prolly won't submit until the fall tho--if you can send/receive PMs--let me know :)
  3. danceluver

    Groveling for a Direct-Entry MSN Program

    @ dedicatedone I've made a list but haven't finalized it yet....but I got a list of schools going...I'm really picky about where I would like to live and therefore be able to network for a job. I prefer a non-distance type education, but I won't hold myself to it completely since there are some spectacular distance programs out there. How has your application process been going? @ belles---I've never taken the TEAS--but what I have heard its a super easy test. The GREs require a little bit more studying for.
  4. danceluver

    Issues with my school, Samuel Merritt University

    I think you have started a good thread! I hope to hear more details about other programs and others to up and coming nursing students like myself and what my expectations should be
  5. danceluver

    CSUF MSN (CNM/WHNP program)

    Can anyone provide me with any feedback/opinions about CSUF MSN program (CNM/WHNP)? I have had a hard time finding old threads on this topic and I would like to get a feel for what the program is like (classes, clinical rotation quality, job prospects and networking, where they usually put you for rotations, and the competitiveness for the program)? Is Labor and Delivery experience (RN) required for considered? What does the typical applicant look like? Etc...Thx!
  6. danceluver

    Accelerated BSN Program help

    Good question!
  7. danceluver

    Interview at Fertility Clinic

    Off topic, but I was wondering as a CNM can one work at a fertility clinic or in a similar type role that a WHNP or FNP would? (reproductive endocrinology and similar type fields?) Dual cert would be ideal, but i'm curious if you learn about this during your CNM training or it is within your scope of practice?
  8. danceluver

    Fertility nursing????

    Totally off topic and reviving an old, i know haha...but I was wondering are CNM in their scope of practice to provide infertility treatment/care just as much a WHNP or FNP would? The dual cert would be ideal but i'm curious.
  9. danceluver

    Miami CNM program?

    i'd like to know the same thing!
  10. Anyone have any feedback about the caliber and strength of the MSN program @ San Diego State University? I would like some general information on what you all heard about the program, job placements, clinical rotations, and organization of the program. I couldn't find any information through a search so anything would be helpful! I'm specifically looking into the women's health and or whnp/cnm program, but aside from that any information is welcome! Thanks so much
  11. danceluver

    Adult NP + Prenatal Care

    I think a whnp/anp would be able to
  12. danceluver

    University of Miami FNP Program

    @ indoamerican--I have some questions about the MSN program as well----would it be better to PM you or should I just post the questions here?
  13. danceluver

    Does ANYBODY have info on Univ. of Miami's MSN?

    Same here....did you ever receive any kind of information or input about the program? I seem to not be able to find any background on the MSN program either. Let me know I know this is an old post :)
  14. danceluver

    Vanderbilt Pre-specialty Fall 2011

    @ junipers-Do you mind if I ask why you declined? Where did you decide to go instead? Why wasn't it a good fit? PM me if you prefer. Any advice to a current applicant for pre-specialty midwifery??? Thanks!
  15. danceluver

    New entry-level Masters program at U of A!!

    Does anyone know if their BSN to DNP program is worth it? Do you need a certain amount of years of RN experience to be competitive? Thanks!