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  1. danceluver

    FNPs in ED

    Hello! With the consensus model sweeping the USA, do you think at the end of it all eventually FNPs will not be able to work in EDs? Fast track either? Lots of states already won't accept FNPs into their EDs (whether fast track or not I am not sure) but ACNP seems to be the norm which I don't understand. If we already work in the ED as an APP will hospitals require us to go back and get that additional certification at our own expense? I know much of this is still speculation but just curious...
  2. danceluver

    U.S. RN wanting to work in England

    Have you taken the OCSE exam yet, or are you moving before you do that? Do you have to work as a CNA for 6 months or something like that as well before you can take the exam? Curious, because I read that somewhere...
  3. danceluver

    FNP to PA?

    Yes this....
  4. danceluver

    FNP to PA?

    Thanks for all the responses! I tried looking into doing RNFA on my own to make me more marketable. But I need a preceptor for that and no one wants to take on a student unless you're employed by them, but they don't necessarily want to hire you either bc you don't have the RNFA already. It's been a vicious cycle.
  5. danceluver

    FNP to PA?

    Definitely wouldn't that I am aware of
  6. danceluver

    FNP to PA?

    Hello Are there any FNPs in this forum who regret becoming an NP? Not in the context of advancing their education and moving into a provider role but that they went to NP school instead of PA school? I have beyond frustrated that the only jobs I am able to get and eventually work in are primary care clinics. I know the FNP role was developed as an outpatient primary care provider but I didn't think specialities like EM, cardiology or orthopedics would be closed off to me. I have also been applying for fellowships and most of them only want PAs (even if we are all new grads). Hindsight is 20/20. I also did a direct entry program so I have limited RN exp (which was fine with my because I always wanted to work in a provider like role). I just didn't realize how much it would be used against me compared to new grad PAs. Do you know of any FNP who went back and became a PA? Or would that just be ridiculous?
  7. danceluver

    Thinking of giving up FNP program

    @bryanleo09 what part of the country are you located?
  8. danceluver

    Completely off topic in a nursing forum..but

    Thank you for that thorough response @ skylark...lots to think about...
  9. danceluver

    U.S. RN wanting to work in England

    May I ask what you are going to school for? Did they give you significant scholarship to attend or are you using US loans? Curious, as I am thinking about the same thing... Also, regarding this issue of visa and sponsorship...say hypothetically you are on a fiancee visa, etc do you still need a hospital to sponsor you or any work post for that matter? Or will this type visa suffice to authorize you to work there? If you are married to a Brit...does that also require you to have a visa to work?
  10. danceluver

    Thinking of giving up FNP program

    How much do non-travel RNs make in the southeast? Can it be more than FNPs but with significant overtime, nights or weekends?
  11. danceluver

    Ask me anything, Australian RN here

    Is this salary enough to live in the bigger cities like Melbourne or Sydney? As a US citizen will they be keen on hiring theatre nurses in the bigger hospitals (with experience)? Or even Brisbane? How are you enjoying your career and life in Australia? Thanks!
  12. danceluver

    Chicago New Grad looking for work in Sydney!

    OP...any updates on moving to Australia?
  13. @ tokedo did you receive any other information...curious to find out more as well...
  14. danceluver

    UK Nurse experience?

  15. What didn't you like about your nursing career? Looking to move to Australia in the future and would love some insight on what to expect before making a decision...Thanks!
  16. danceluver

    Ask me anything, Australian RN here

    Hello! Have you worked with any American theatre nurses? Or American nurses in Australia? If so, how have they described their experiences? Also, how much do theatre nurses make after 2-3 years of experience? Is there a demand for theatre nurses in Sydney and Melbourne? How long did the registration process take? Do you need to look for a hospital first to sponsor you for a visa? Thanks!