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  1. Nursedina11

    Very happy I became a nurse practitioner

    Yes, I do 7on and 7 off. I will honestly say the 7 on are rough, but the 7 off are heaven !! I was an ER nurse for 14 years and I don’t miss it at all. The docs get most of the interesting stuff in the ER and I see the NP/PAs doing the easier stuff and the stuff the docs don’t want to do . I love my job as a hospitalist and I even get to do procedures cause it’s a small hospital . Best of all the worlds !!
  2. Nursedina11

    Very happy I became a nurse practitioner

    I’m also extremely happy I went for it! My background is in ER and ICU mostly. I did a one year fellowship and now I work for a large physician group as a hospitalist and I can honestly say that I love it !! My pay has doubled from an RN, and I am very autonomous .
  3. Nursedina11

    Cardiology NP Fellowship with Mayo Clinic

    Hey there, I did not apply for the Mayo Clinic fellowship but I did apply and get into a fellowship at Carolinas Medical Center Critical Care Fellowship. Pointers: 1. Ia plied very early and got all my paperwork in as soon as possible. 2. I stressed all my experience as it pertained to what I was applying for...ie: critical care, I have extensive experience with lines, codes, invasive cardiac monitoring as I also did CVICU and ER as an RN 3. I emailed to check on my application 4. I was myself. :) In the interview it was tough competition but I just showed my sheer enthusiasm for critical care and for the program. I highlighted my areas of expertise but also let know that I had faults and was willing to address and work on those faults. Let me know if there are any questions I can answer for you :) Dina
  4. Nursedina11

    Mistakes Are Inevitable: No One Is Perfect.

    Great article. Great post. Where i work, mistakes are not tolerated. Even if a specimen is mislabled by accident and sent to the lab, you can be fired. It's called a RED RULE. A coworker was scared because she mislabled a strep test with a wrong label and was scared to be fired,

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