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Hi all,

I need your advise. I just spoke to the admission officer at Canyon college who told me that i can enroll in individual courses for BSN while taking my ADN to facilitate faster completion of the program. When i finish my ADN and have my RN license (next semester) i can officially enroll in the online RN-BSN program and can transfer all my credits. So if i have most of the courses completed, i can finish my online BSN in 6 months.

Whats your opinion on this? the website is

please let me know, thanks a lot.


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Hi I looked into them for their online social work program, but it isn't accredited. I read an article that said the whole school isn't accredited. They have alot of "shady" the article said. I would stay away from them and try to do an online RN to BSN program from a university and take pre req's at a community college or online..will take longer, but will be better off doing it that way. Just my opinion


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I think online courses seem attractive for obvious reasons...they are convenient. There are some courses that are partially online, so that it requires less class time but yet the class still meets once a week. I have taken nursing courses (at an accredited school) where the tests were online via. blackboard.

While there are advantages to online courses (even partial ones) you must consider your learning style. I need to hear a lecture and write notes as I hear it. Tests online were difficult for me because I write on my tests and obviously I could not do that with online tests. You can still do well but can you do your best? I need classmates to drive me, motivate me...friendly competition. Which should be your second consideration. What is the importance of your BSN courses? It's more than just getting the grade or getting through "non-nursing" classes. You learn to work with people of all kinds. You form friendships that can last a lifetime. You have to physically be part of discussions and presentations...skills you need in nursing I believe.

I am a junior now and some of my "non-nursing" requirements have included Greek Thought, Roman-Medieval Christian Thought, and Biblical Literature. (I still have to take an upper division religion and 17th Century Thought) Some of my electives included Visual Art, Honors Philosophy, Culture of Popular Music in America and Advanced Composition. My point is --- the road to getting your BSN is an opportunity to LEARN! Learning is exciting! Try everything! You may find undiscovered passions!

I am married with three young children and we NEED the second income terribly. Right now we don't even have one I understand the feeling of urgency when trying to get through school. But I will never regret my decision to transfer into a BSN program rather than risk not getting into my CC ADN program (they chose by lottery). I have found a bit of myself by experiencing the "liberal arts" part of my education. Just something to think about. :)


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:rolleyes: I am currently enrolled in the MA, Health Care Adm program through Canyon College, I chose it because of the costs and the fact they give you credit for work and CEU history. The classes I have taken are not just gimme classes, I have had to work in them and some of the instructors are really TOUGH graders. Just my .02



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Can anyone recommend any GOOD (accredited) colleges for taking prerequisite and nursing courses?


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My sister is earning her BSN (already has her ADN and is an RN) through the University of North Alabama. She works with several nurses who obtained their BSNs entirely online through this program and enjoyed it very much. My sister is making A's and doing great... taking pre-requisites as well as nursing classes. There is absolutely no reason for a student to step foot on the campus. The university also has an on-site nursing program. By the way, some of the students who are my sister's "classmates" are from as far away as Brazil and England.

The program is accredited by the NLN (National League for Nursing) as well as the Alabama Board of Nursing. The NLN accreditation is super-important as far as I understand. All the Nurse Practitioner programs I'm looking into require the student "Graduated from a NLN accredited program".

Wishing you the best of luck in your future.

Here are a couple of links:

The RN-to-BSN web page is

and The Main Nursing web page is



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Hi Tiki Torch, I have been looking at UNA for their RN-BSN online program. DO you know if all prereq's have to be completed prior to starting nursing classses or if you can take them along with nursing classes? Thanks for any info you can give me. JEFF


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Hi Jeff,

Evidently they don't require all prerequisites being completed first for students who already have their Associate Degree RN licenses and are working towards their BSN.

My sister took Physical Assessment last semester and this next semester she is signing up for Nutrition. She's been an RN with an associate degree since 1984. They accepted many of her other BSN related courses from other colleges (not the actual nursing classes though... things like pathophysiology, chemistry, etc.) She said the instructors there were very nice and helpful when it came to using her previous courses in place of some their program requires.

Hope this helps you out. I'd be glad to offer any other help I can for you.



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Thanks alot!


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re: Canyon College.

Run. Run like the wind. Just my 2 cents.

Do a search on for "Canyon College" and/or the web address. You'll find this has been discussed several times, and I even posted a news article on them a while back.

A degree is only as valuable as the esteem employers give the school it came from. Don't think they don't check that stuff.

Not to be flaming anyone or any school, just sharing my opinion, since it was requested.


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I also looked into Canyon College and signed up for their ER certification program. It is mostly self study and answering questions to prepare for the exam. I found this site and Canyon College is mentioned, you may be very interested in what these people had to say about the school.

Check it out.

I just received my BSN online through Wright State University in Dayton Ohio. It is a two year program, the instructors are wonderful and the online nursing program shadows the on campus program.

I will be entering their Family Nurse Practitioner's Program this Fall. Tuition is reasonable too. Check it out...


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I found a disturbing article on the investigation of Canyon College.

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