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Originally posted by paula77720

Hi all,

I need your advise. I just spoke to the admission officer at Canyon college who told me that i can enroll in individual courses for BSN while taking my ADN to facilitate faster completion of the program. When i finish my ADN and have my RN license (next semester) i can officially enroll in the online RN-BSN program and can transfer all my credits. So if i have most of the courses completed, i can finish my online BSN in 6 months.

Whats your opinion on this? the website is

please let me know, thanks a lot.

Canyon is not accredited by any organization that is approved by the Department of Education (Washington) including nursing either. My only advice is to complete your ASN and find a good accredited online BSN completion program (or a local program). All too often a school that is not accredited causes more problems than not having the degree in the first place. I used to teach at Canyon and the courses that I developed were similar to ones at accredited colleges, so it is not that there system is flawed. It is only the accreditation issue which will haunt you throughout your career. Only my 2 cents worth.



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i started this thread and because of you guys, i was able to find out the real story behind this"pseudo-school" Thanks a lot.

Now i'm enrolled in university of Wyoming -- a fully accredited school. They also have an existing campus that offers BSN and MSN. its a great program for rn-bsn online.

Next time, make sure that you researched first before putting your thousand of dollars for nothing.

thanks for this forum :)

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