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I have written a book about distance education opportunities available for nurses and all healthcare professionals. Please see for details. "College at Home for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals"

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  1. RN to BSN

    There are many, many, many online RN/BSN programs now available. When I did the research for my book I found over 15 and since then there has been many new editions. Many advertise in nursing journals. A few offhand are: Ball State University http:/...
  2. Introductions

    Continued success with your clinicals and glad that you are doing well.
  3. I just signed up but have a question (excelsior)

    Accredited colleges will only accept official transcripts sent directly from the registrar. Sometimes a school will ask for a student copy with initial application but in all cases an official is required.
  4. online college advice

    There are now many RN/BSN/MSN online programs. The best depends on your particular needs and goals. I am not sure what you mean about MN not accepting U of P. If you already have your RN from your state, getting a BSN on top of it will only add to yo...
  5. Introductions

    It will not be easy but certainly do-able. I went to DTCC as an adult many years ago and did very well, even though I had been out of school for years. It is a matter of a long range goal but staying focused on one step at a time; in stead of the who...
  6. UOP Prerequ's

    You can take summer courses elsewhere online in classes that U of P will require, especially electives. You can also think about, sign up for, and study for proficiency exams like CLEP. Be sure to see if U of P accepts CLEP, how many, and what scores...
  7. Need Advice from Unionized Nurses

    Ask your union rep on the "QT" and ask them not to pursue anything untill you specifically ask them to. They should be able to give you an answer.
  8. UOP Prerequ's

    Congratulations Kimmer. When I answered your other post I wondered about the LPN thing. Again congratulations and good luck.
  9. The BEST RN-BSN Online Program????

    Kimmy, As for online RN/BSN there are many, many choices now. The important thing is to find the program that suite your individual needs. No program is best for everyone. For instance if your employer is paying for courses then tuition and books may...
  10. Rue Ed

    Many students feel the study materials and suggestions given by Excelsior (which are free) are all they need. All the services like Rue are expensive and do not have any connection with Excelsior so they really don't know what is on the tests, except...
  11. Question from a Respiratory Therapist

    Correct, you do not do clinicals as is customary in on campus programs. You must pass the clinical exams though, which are in person. My personal opinion is that if you are interested in nursing that you go to a campus based programs. You should be a...
  12. Distance learning LVN to RN

    Check with your state's board of nursing. They will tell you if they will accept the degree for your basic RN to sit for license boards. Some states do not accept Excelsior College for the basic RN but there are only a couple. There have been many LP...
  13. Lpn - 2 - Rn

    These are the only 2 that I know about that are by distance. Sometimes local colleges have special programs for LPNs or give a good amount of credit.
  14. Deaconess Students

    Congratulations. Just a followup about the legal ramifications. If a student has a problem during clinical and a patient sues; someone must be responsible. If a local college has student nurses there, the school itself takes the responsibility includ...
  15. Excelsior a good fit for a former ASN?

    You are a good candidate. A supervisor of mine got kicked out of the local community college due to a conflict with an instructor. He completed his AS and RN through Excelsior and turned out to be a great nurse and a great supervisor. Then pursued a...