Can you be 14 and take a CNA course?


Can you be 14 and take a cna course?

I asked a nursing home how old you had to be to work there and she said all you had to be was certifed.

Can you be 14 almost 15 and work at a nursing home in illinois?

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I don't know about Illinois, but in Indiana I wasn't even able to get a job at a fast food restaurant at 14. If you are being trained in a nursing home ask if they would be willing to hire you after completing training. They might say that you only need to be certified, but there are child labor laws that they have to contend with as well, and even the thought of child labor laws will deter most employers. I was unable to get a job in a nursing home after I became certified at 17 because I didn't have the high school diploma requirement met, and I was lucky to get a job in home health.

If you're paying for training, I would advise you to think twice and maybe wait a bit longer. Good luck to you!


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I don't think my comment posted, but I'm almost 16 and I'm going to take the course.

I was asking for a friend..

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It's all different from state to state, but most states have separate rules for separate ages. There are usually rules for workers under 16 and workers 16-17. You might want to look up those child labor laws for Illinois.


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About Whats The Starting salary For a Cna ?


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Starting hourly pay for nursing home CNA jobs vary a lot. Where I work (in Iowa), starting is $10.50/hour, but other places in the area start at $11.25.

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I live in Texas, where a person must be at least 15 years of age and have completed the 9th grade in order to enroll in a CNA program. However, the likelihood of being hired is almost zero until the individual reaches his or her 16th birthday due to restrictive child labor laws.

The pay range is between $9 and $15 hourly in the city where I live.


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I knew someone that took hers her the summer between her junior and senior year, she was 17.


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Question is, why would a 14 y/o work as a CNA? He/She should be concentrating in school being this young and wait at least until Sr year to do this. Besides, I don't think a 14 y/o would be mature enough to handle this job.


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Uh, yeah, OP, I am kinda wondering that too. I have a 14 year old, and I wouldn't allow her to work as an aide even if her dad died and I was trying to survive on his life insurance. She's extremely mature, but not ready for this job. She's not fully grown yet, and neither are you. I wouldn't want my child facing the risk of infectious disease or abuse from patients. Why is 14 year old looking to get into such a hard, badly paid job so early?


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Even if you were able to get hired at 14, you wouldn't be able to care for many residents since you aren't old enough to run the mechanical lifts. Perhaps volunteering in some capacity such as in the activities department or as a hospital volunteer would be a better option for now.


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In Illinois you have to be 16 yrs old and have a 9th grad education to work as a CNA. In the western part of Illinois the starting wage is $9.00