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Can someone help me with a study plan for hesi?


I'm currently doing my last semester in nursing and I'm scheduled to take my hesi exit on April 24 and must pass with a 900 in order to sit for my boards. Along with all of this I take Critical Care and Community Health and have a test every other week. I just took my hesi practice test and scored a 609, I have some major work to do before April. May someone give me some suggestions on how to develop a good study plan so that I can make use of all my time and be productive. I would really appreciate any advice. Sometimes I don't know were to start.


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More responses please. Why doesn't anyone reply when it comes to HESI. I'm pretty sure many of you guys have passed. Can you please help out? Thank you

I've never heard of HESI. *shrug*

Have you spoken to your instructor? Your instructor is a good source to give you advice on this. Never had to take this exam, so all I can say is to get a study guide specifically for HESI if they exist, or alternatively the ATI study guides. The info should be almost the same. Make time each day only for HESI study, no matter what else is on your schedule. If you have to add an hour then do so. Get up early or find an hour somewhere else during your day for this. Good luck.


My teacher recommeneded Kaplan, does anyone know if the decision tree is helpful

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do you have a NCLEX review book. I would recommend Hogan or Saunders. Do the chapter quizzes and read the rationales. You should try to do this every time you have time.

kaplan testing strategies could help, but this helps for NCLEX and its a whole program. There is also HESI books.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

thank you so much i will definetly do them

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